Prescription Drug Abuse Is on the Rise: 8 Things Parents Need to Know to Protect Their Kids

Sometimes parents are the last to know their child is experimenting with drugs and sadly it’s after they’re gone. Tragedy has come upon parents like a thief in the night. It steals their child before they get to say goodbye. Figuring out what should have been done or said afterward is too late. There are things a parent can do right now to ensure their child is not on drugs and never tries them. There are many things a parent should know, but this article will talk about 8 of them. A child is a beloved member of the family that is so important to each parent, children need to realize this fact each and every day.

What Every Parent Should Know

The number 1 thing parents need to know is that they have to keep a quiet voice but have their eyes and ears open at all times. Of course, children don’t want to be spied on or know their parents are listening at their door, but the child must understand that parents have a right to know what they’re doing and they’re exercising that right. When children want to do something, they’re going to try to figure out a way to do it, that’s for sure.

Who Are the Friends of the Children?

The second thing parents need to know is who their children are friends with. Since children are so impressionable it won’t take long before a child is trying to be just like their friend. If the children study together, walk to school together, and their parents are also keeping an eye on them, it offers peace of mind during the course of each day and week.

Educate Children on What Drugs do to Them

The third thing parents need to know is that schools have programs that tell children about the harmful effects drugs have on their bodies and minds. Most kids feel invincible and that nothing can ever happen to them. This is a dangerous time since they can be talked into “just trying” a drug. Because they feel pressured to be like everyone else, they try it. They can end up in the hospital and then on to 28-day programs to help them get off that drug. Log onto for more information on programs they have for people addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Tell Little Ones About the Dangers of Drugs

The fourth thing parents need to think about is how early should a person begin telling their little ones about the danger of taking drugs? As soon as they can understand. When parents are taking medications for headaches, constipation, indigestion, or colds, they should tell the little one to never touch them unless mom or dad gives medication to them when they’re sick. Parents are looked up to so they need to make the best impression on their children that they can. After all, if a parent is hooked on drugs themselves, how can a child be expected to be any different?

Be Honest and Upfront With Children

The fifth thing parents need to know is that every child seems to have a sixth sense about the whole truth and a fib, but so do parents. They know when kids are making up a story to get out of the house and spend time in a friend’s home while their parents are gone for the evening. Their children may even tell them someone will be home, “I’m just going to be studying.” Parents should simply look at their children in the eye and ask what they’re doing.

Being There is Most Important

The sixth thing parents need to know is that many parents take off for the evening to be with their own friends, not realizing their children are home alone with time on their hands. By not having enough to do it will cause boredom and a desire to spend time out of the home if the parents aren’t home, possibly with friends who take drugs. A simple talk by the parent telling their children they’ll call to check on them may make it seem like their still home.

Develop Trust Towards a Child

The seventh thing parents need to know is that if a child has been told about drugs their entire life, it has to have had a lasting effect on them. Some kids just get into trouble even though they’ve been told countless times about the dangers of drugs. Trust is very important to a child, but no parent wants to say, “My child wouldn’t do that” when it’s possible they did. This is when listening and watching makes the most sense because no parent wants to lose faith in their child, or the other way around.

When All Else Fails Parents and Children

The eighth thing parents need to know is that help is available when children slip up. It’s wise to be thankful that they still have their child to place in a center that can help them. Many people don’t understand the importance of admitting there’s a problem and getting help for it through professional people who deal with helping parents and their children. It requires admitting there’s a problem in order for the mind to begin to accept help. Thankfully, there are people who are ready to help get them off the dangerous drugs and on to a full recovery.

In summary, parents need to know that children can be taught from an early age to say no to friends when drugs are pushed on them. Any child who simply tells others “NO!” is a very smart kid. and parents need to know that once a child realizes just who their friends are, they’ll know that anyone who asks them to take drugs is NOT their friend. This is a very easy way to know just who a friend is and who is not. Parents who read this should be proud of their kids and the love they share.

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