Learn About The 4 Most Common DNA Testing Types

DNA testing is related to the testing of the whole genome of a person. Each chromosome is evaluated in this test to determine the mutations, risks, and diseases associated with it. Recent advances in this field have led to the creation of multiple types of DNA testing. In this article, we will discuss in detail about the four most common and best DNA testing for health.

Screening of Newborn

The screening of newborn at the time of birth through DNA testing techniques helps the doctors in the diagnosis of genetic diseases that the newborn may have. Most of the times when the parents are suffering from a particular genetic disease, the doctors strongly recommend them to take these tests to make sure if their child is going to have any risk or not. If it turns out to be positive, then proper advice and disease management is offered to the parents.

Carrier Testing

This type of DNA testing involves the patients that have a history of some genetic disorder in their family, and it is suspected that the patient might also carry the copy of that gene. For this purpose, a complete analysis of that person chromosones is taken place through genetic testing techniques. Also, the doctors start their treatment immediately to stop it from advancing in stages. Moreover, precautions are also planned to stop any trigger that might stimulate those genes in the future.

Prenatal Testing

The prenatal DNA testing is done when the child is not even born. In the fetus of the mother, the whole DNA of the child is analyzed. This is recommended to the patients that have some genetic disease, and they want to save their child from that disease. This diagnosis helps the couple in making serious discussions about their child in advance. One thing that all of us must keep in mind is that the DNA testing is not able to detect every disorder and with 100 percent accuracy. So, there are chances that it does not detect the disease and it appears afterward. Also, maybe a disease is not as severe as the test reports may depict. So, at present, we can rely on this technique but not completely.

Diagnostic Testing

Another type of DNA or genetic testing is diagnostic testing. It is exclusively used to diagnose and treat a specific disorder. It is mostly done when the patient is showing the symptoms physically. This diagnosis can be made at any time in a person’s life. Not all the genes and all related gene disorders are treated with this technique, but most of the common ones, such as heart-related disorders can be diagnosed successfully through it.

These are the most common and important types of DNA testing for the health. These tests are unique and accurate than any other test. Also, they give timely and detailed information about the condition of patients, therefore, get these test done for yourself, at least once in your lifetime.

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