Kids, Day-Care and “The Catch of the Day”

daycare kids[This is a guest post by herbalist Steven Frank]

In the search to find meaning in our lives, we often forego or overlook the value of parenting and rush back to our jobs or careers while our kids are still young. It is often much later (decades) that we realize, the only real meaning in our lives was the love and learning that we passed on to our children with or without our knowing it.

When we go to work during the day, our kids end up in daycare. This can be a wonderful opportunity for them to be exposed to other adults and other children. They can learn social skills and develop a sense of independence. They also tend to share their colds, pink-eye, bronchitis, etc. amongst themselves. Ultimately, they return home to a big smooch for the folks and a perfect transference of their “catch of the day,” be it bacterial, fungal or viral. When they get ill, we hold them in our laps and funnel every bit of life-force we can muster through their frail little bodies. Who wouldn’t do that, even though it means possibly getting sick ourselves?

Been there, done that, got the karma.

When my kids were that age, I would take them to the doctor when they got sick. It didn’t take long before I could very clearly see that most of what western allopathic medicine (re: Kaiser) medicine had to offer was not only ineffective, but potentially damaging to the most precious aspects of my life… my kids. Modern medicine’s solution for tummy-aches, ear-aches, head-aches and all the myriad of skinned knees and bruises that children endure was pathetic at best and downright harmful at worst. Yes, the every-day maladies of childhood were being poorly handled by the great minds that brought us antibiotics for the masses.

It was this very realization that forced my second (or was it my third?) mid-life crisis whereby I re-educated myself and started a new path into the world of natural healing. It wasn’t a total upset like when I gave up engineering to become a construction worker. After all, I had spent my career designing rather sophisticated electronic medical equipment so I new a thing or two about human physiology, chemistry, biology and health. But when the doctor prescribed antibiotics yet-again for my son’s third ear infection a mere 3 weeks after the last one, I summoned all my gumption and said, “Doc, if that didn’t work last time, why are we doing the same thing again?” This was a natural question for an engineer to ask. He looked at me with his best ‘you must be a bad Dad’ look and said rather sarcastically, “Well, we could just cut holes in his ears and put in tubes.” As I struggled to overcome his outrageously sarcastic and pedantic manner it occurred to me that he lashed out because his insecurity was driven by not having a better solution to offer.

“No tubes.” I said as I watched him write a prescription for another drug that allowed him to feel as if he were doing his job. My son and I returned home, I swallowed my machismo and pride (only slightly) and allowed my wife to try this “silly” product that she got at the health-food store for ear infections. Two days later, the ear infection was gone. The pain had stopped after only one day. Anecdotal? Yes. Factual? Yes. Life changing? Perhaps.

What began as an effort to understand what I had just witnessed turned into more than a decade of intense study on my part of natural, herbal and holistic medical treatments. From ear-infections to pink-eye; Road-rash to Sinusitis; The common Cold to Food Poisoning; my journey has led me to understand, define and resolve very effective remedies for these common obstacles in life.

The first one that I would like to share with you is rather difficult to believe so I risk alienating you in the beginning; for the benefit of offering to you the most powerful tool that you may ever use in your quest to venture through life as a healthy human. It is ridiculously simple.

The common cold is caused by a group of virus that tend to remain (for replication purposes) in the nose. This is rather convenient as it allows us to constantly assault their breeding grounds with great accessibility. Virus replicate by stealing the cell machinery of the cells in the nasal mucosa and forcing them to divide (replicate) after they have imbedded their DNA into the host. This occurs at a very high rate and if you can block it, you can stop the progress of a cold. In fact, if you are around kids that have colds, washing your hands if very good practice but what can you do about the airborne virus that you breath?

The answer took me some time to develop but I will lay it out simply for you here. It turns out that an aqueous silver colloid of sufficient concentration, when sprayed directly on tissues that contain virus, will kill a large number of them. Since our noses run-strong with mucus when we have a cold, it is crucial to replenish the supply of colloid by continued spraying into the nasal openings. Also, the colloid will bind to the mucus and the natural salts in the area and this neutralizes (re: ruins) the effectiveness of the colloid. So one must have a sufficiently strong colloid (that is not bound to a protein or sugar like a mild silver protein) and spray it often enough so that it can maintain a presence sufficient to kill faster than the virus can replicate.

If this is done at the first sign of a cold, you can stop it from developing. I have stopped a number of colds in 12 hours or less. If you start spraying after you’ve had the cold for a day, it will take about a day more to stop. The longer you let it progress, the more damage is done to the cells and the more virus need to be killed…. Billions more. I have studied this in the lab, in the clinic, used it on my family and seen the results for 10 years. It is absolutely safe and works even better on kids than it does on adults. It absolutely will prevent a cold or terminate an existing one. Believe it or not. Here’s what you need:

First you need a clean nasal spray bottle. Clean it thoroughly. NO salt left in it from the previous solutions. Then you need a source of 30ppm silver colloid. Yes, some are better than others. I spent 10 years optimizing processes for making colloids and testing them on germs in the lab. Put the colloid in the spray bottle.

Here’s the most important part. I mean it. Spray it in your nose or in your kid’s nose at least every 10 minutes. I like to carry it around and spray it every 5 minutes. The more you spray it the better it works. You have to keep it present in the nasal environment.

If you spray it every 5 to 10 minutes, you will terminate that cold so fast that you will swear that you didn’t really even have one.

If you spray it every 2 to 3 hours it will do almost nothing. Why? Because after you kill a bunch of virus with a spray, they will simply double every 20 minutes until they return to the same amount that were there before you sprayed. It will take only an hour or so for the virus to grow back to the level that they were at before your last spray. So if you spray every hour, you make little or no progress.

When you wake up in the night, have it on your night stand and spray. Carry it in your pocket and spray, spray, spray. Repeated application is the key. Kids respond to this much better than adults and for some reason, even with less spraying, get better results.

Now when your child comes home from daycare with “The Catch of the Day,” fear not. Give them a hug and tell them that it will be all better. It will be. Hold them in your lap and look into those big trusting eyes staring back at you as they sneeze in your face. Just smile. You have the key to curing the common cold. You have no fear of lost work, of days in bed, of compromising your desire to coddle your child so you can maintain your health.

There will be those of you who will say that the silver will turn you blue. Yup. If you drink a quart a day for a year of two. Don’t do that. The amount that you will use to cure a cold is no more than you breath or eat from natural sources each day. It works because it is in the right concentration, in the right place and under the correct protocol.

There are those of you who will say that silver is toxic. Nope. I’ve spent 10 years studying the literature and doing testing in laboratories and clinics. It won’t harm you at all.

There are those of you who will say, “That’s ridiculous! Everyone knows there’s no cure for the common cold.” That’s what the medical director at my company told me when he first heard about it. He’s an old-school MD who taught pathology at Walter Reed Hospital. But… two years later, he marched into my office and refused to leave until I agreed to prove to the word that this was the cure for the common cold. He was so convinced from his own observations that he offered to run the clinical study himself.

Let me leave you with this bit of Native American wisdom. “Nature tells no lies and knows no favorites.” That is to say, “This either works or it doesn’t irrespective of what the experts say. Their talk is just talk.” You now have the cure for the common cold. You can use it and be free… or you can walk away from it.

If you want to do it yourself, I told you how. If you would be more comfortable buying it, I sell it. Either way, may you enjoy the best of health.

[Mr. Steven Frank is an innovative herbalist. He uses a myriad of techniques drawn from North American herbology, Holistic philosophy and Natural medial practices to solve difficult but common maladies. Since his roots come from engineering and the practical sciences, Mr. Frank requires his remedies to prove efficacy by the highest standards of scientific testing. Years of self-study focused on the works of great scientists and healers of the past have provided Mr. Frank with the tools that he needs to synthesize well-rounded solutions to today’s difficult healing requirements. Blending the insights of historical remedies into solutions that address the cause, relieve the symptoms and support the body in its tendency to recover, guide the products that Mr. Frank develops towards being truly balanced holistic solutions.]

More of Mr. Frank’s products can be seen at He can be reached for comment at

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