Keeping Your Eyes Open: 8 Roadside Dangers That Await a Motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle is like flying free as a bird to some people. Depending on where a person lives, their motorcycle remains in the garage throughout the long dark winter months. When the sun finally shines and the days begin to get longer the motorcycle is taken out of the garage and started up. The driver has puttered around with it all winter just waiting in anticipation to hear the roar of the engine outside the garage. While motorcycle enthusiasts can probably drive all over the country for years and never be involved in an accident, there are important things they should look out for.

First Things First When Riding a Motorcycle

The first thing an individual should do is take a driver’s course and learn how to drive and handle a motorcycle safely. This course will teach the driver what to look for while out on the road and alert them to the dangers of traffic, weather, and what can happen when they mishandle their motorcycle. A motorcyclist is not buckled up safely inside a vehicle out of the wind, dirt, sand, or lightning during a rainstorm, and these are just a few things to look out for when riding a motorcycle.

Be on the Alert for Danger

  1. A motorcyclist needs to realize that drivers of automobiles and trucks are not looking out for them on the road.
  2. While it feels so great to finally ride like the wind, remember that an animal can run out onto the road and cause an accident.
  3. A motorcyclist needs to check out the weather report before they leave in order to plan ahead for rain, snow, and high winds that could hamper visibility.
  4. Drinking and driving are two of the worst things a person who loves motorcycling can do.
  5. They should never take their eyes off the road.
  6. Ask anyone who has had an accident, and lived, why a helmet should be worn.
  7. The habit of tailgating should be broken because no one knows what the driver ahead is going to do.
  8. Motorcyclists should get into a habit of constantly anticipating what may be around the next bend.

Spring Is a Great Time to Trade in a Motorcycle

In the spring many riders decide to trade in their motorcycle and buy one that’s bigger, better, and newer. There’s a lot of information available online at There are trading companies online that will offer a good price on it when the VIN (vehicle identification number) is typed in the form.

What the VIN Says About the Motorcycle

Surprisingly, many people don’t realize that any buyer can type in the VIN number and find out if the motorcycle was involved in an accident and what the correct mileage is.

How to Safely Enjoy the Ride

Riders must learn good habits by remembering to watch for road work and signs and to never tailgate the driver in front of them. That driver may be using a CB, cell phone, eating dinner in the car, or screaming at their kids. They may not even see a motorcycle riding beside them or in front of them. Riders should also try to stay out of the crowd of traffic. Anticipate the dangers but enjoy the ride. This glorious day has finally arrived.

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