How to Stop Gum Disease Naturally

Your teeth and gum health is essential for your overall health. After all, if you are not able to eat without pain, then you will not be able to nourish the rest of your body.

Unfortunately, many adults do develop gum disease, which affects their oral health. The good news however is that if you do develop gum disease, there are ways to reverse gum disease naturally.

In order to get rid of gum disease, it is essential that you stick to a strict oral care routine. Following an oral health routine consistently helps to remove the bacteria and plaque that lead to gum disease.
In addition to brushing, flossing and rinsing, you need to eat a healthy and nutritious diet. To eradicate gum disease naturally, you have to maintain an oral care regime strictly. In addition, following the four steps of OraMD’s oral hygiene program can further help to protect your oral health.

Cutting out as much sugar, caffeine and alcohol as you can from your diet is another way to protect your oral health. Instead, try to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.

Fresh foods offer a veritable treasure trove of nutrients that can protect your oral health from gum disease.

Here are some of the main vitamins and minerals that help to protect your gum health:

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the most essential of nutrients that your body needs. It is important for fighting off infection and rejuvenating the cells of your body. When it comes to your gum health, vitamin C is able to fight off the bacteria that cause gum disease as well as reducing swelling.

Since your body is unable to store vitamin C, you have to ensure that you are getting enough in your daily diet. You can find vitamin C in citrus fruits, mangoes, strawberries, kiwi and broccoli.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is great for protecting your oral health from gum disease as it is a powerful anti-inflammatory. If you have already developed gum disease, then increasing your intake of vitamin D can speed up your recovery. You get vitamin D from the sunlight and from oily fish such as tuna and mackerel.

Folic Acid

Another essential nutrient to fight against gum disease is folic acid. It ensures healthy and strong teeth and gums by reducing inflammation and bleeding of the gums. You can get your recommended daily intake of folic acid by eating green leafy vegetables or whole grain foods that are infused with the nutrient.

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  • My cousin’s 5 year old daughter is suffering from gum disease and I like to thank Michael Foster for this helpful post.


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