How to Make Your Family’s Dentist Visit Less Painful

There’s something about the dentist that just makes so many of us, kids and adults, go absolutely crazy with fear. But as dads it is important to be on top of not just our health but also our little ones’ oral hygiene too. So you’ve got to set a good example by going to the dentist regularly. It’s how you show your kids there is truly nothing to be afraid of.

That being said, if you’re still really dreading your visit, or you just want to make your kids visit easier, here are some tips that should make anyone in your family feel a little more at ease when you go to the dentist. Try out these simple swaps or tricks and see just how much these little changes add up.

Think About Going to A Sedation Dentist

Two of the worst parts about the dentist for many people are the anxiety over the visit itself and the discomfort that comes with getting teeth cleaned. If either of those describes you or your children, then maybe when you try to tackle your next visit you should think about visiting a sedation dentist.

Sedation dentists use varying levels of anesthesia to help control the pain during a procedure. With the help of a sedation dentist you’re able to pick the level of sedation you or your child will have during a visit. This ranges from being completely asleep, or being awake with limited pain.

Working with a sedation dentist means knocking out one or two of the biggest causes of stress regarding dentists for most people. It’s an easy and often pretty reasonably priced way to feel better about your dentist visit experience.

Listen to Music While They Work

Another common complaint regarding dentist visits is that people hate hearing the sound of the work being done in their mouths. One easy way to take your mind off what’s going on in your mouth is to carry a pair of headphones with you that can be slid on while the dentist or hygienist works.

At first this simple solution can feel strange, so just check in with your provider to make sure they’re comfortable with it. Once you get the okay, you or your child can listen to your favorite playlist or podcast. Altogether, the sound keeps you very distracted from what’s going on in your mouth.

To make sure that you can block out the loud sounds, make sure you have appropriately sized headphones. Headphones that fit inside your or your child’s ears rather than over the top usually suit this well, as they are unobtrusive to the work being done. It might be helpful to have a backup pair as well if the procedure being done is particularly long, like in the case of multiple fillings in one visit or a root canal.

Talk to Your Dentist

While all of these tips can be useful your first course of action should be to talk to your dentist. Arguably, it is the simplest and possibly most easy way to find a solution for your anxiety in their office.

Tell your dentist that they have an anxious patient. Dental anxiety is incredibly common across the country, so this won’t be shocking.

Once your dentist is aware of your fear, they can take steps to ease it by telling you what is going to happen step by step. Or they can distract your child with cool toys and treats.

Your dentist is there to help you be your best friend while you’re in their care. Let them make your time there easier by opening up!

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