How are crooked teeth impacting your health?

Do you think crooked teeth only affect your appearance? Crooked teeth can also damage your dental and physical health. Similar to hair color and eye, the leading cause of crooked teeth is genetic. Other reasons are a facial injury, thumb sucking, and tongue thrusting, excessive use of a pacifier, and loss of young teeth.

Regardless of the reasons, crooked teeth can negatively influence your health. For this reason, you will need an Orthodontist Dr. Bach or any other qualified person in your area. See the adverse effects of crooked teeth on your health.

Gum Disease

With crooked teeth, you can’t save yourself from developing gum or periodontal disease. Gum diseases are common because of bacteria (bacterial forms plaque) in your mouth. The issue emphasizes when your gums can’t perfectly fit around your teeth. In this situation, bacteria get sufficient room for growth.

Difficult to Clean Teeth

It is not easy to clean your crowded or crooked teeth. Floss and toothbrush bristles can’t reach the crannies and nooks between your curved teeth. As a result, you can’t escape the growth of bacteria.

Increase the Chances of Tooth Wear

Crowded teeth in bottom often trigger other teeth to obtrude. They will scour against your top teeth. Over time, you will suffer from unwarranted destruction of tooth enamel.

In this situation, you can’t escape an accidental crack or chip in teeth. Protruding top and bottom teeth will rub together to prevent normal alignment of the jaw. As a result, it will be difficult for you to chew your food.

Unavoidable Bad Breath

No doubt, crooked teeth can affect your facial profile, but they also smell worse. After eating onion, bad breath becomes a painful problem because of lingering bacteria in the mouth. Unfortunately, it is tough to eradicate lousy breath from crooked teeth.

Damaging to Happiness and Self-esteem

A beautiful smile can give a positive touch to your overall personality. It can decrease your stress while improving cognitive abilities. You can’t enjoy these benefits with crooked teeth. Misaligned and crowded teeth can lower your confidence in a smile. You will always compare your smile with a smile with pearly white teeth. Ultimately, crooked teeth will damage your happiness.

Affect Overall Health

Dental issues can seriously affect your physical and oral health. The bacterial buildup causes oral infections, and these infections can increase the chances of serious ailments. With crooked teeth, you can’t escape pneumonia, diabetes, and stroke.

Smile: Get the Solution to Crooked Teeth

After reading the ailments associated with crooked teeth, you can understand the importance of straight teeth. There is nothing to worry because you can consult an orthodontist to fix your crooked teeth.

Invisalign technology uses a retainer, such as transparent aligners to fix crooked teeth. You have to wear aligners for almost 22 hours a day. Fortunately, you can remove them for drinking or eating. An orthodontist will recommend you to change these aligners every two weeks. People prefer this technology over heavy metal braces to increase the beauty of their smile.

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