Here’s What to Know About Growing Old

When you were a little child, most likely, your biggest goal was to grow up. Then you grow up and become a teenager who craves freedom and the need to make and spend money. This looks fun and exciting. Parenting creeps in, then old age, then retirement. Middle age comes, and you start craving the enjoyment of youth while anticipating your retirement, so you can finally take a break, travel, see the world, and enjoy yourself. Getting old has its perks. You need to recognize and take advantage of them. Here’s what you should know about aging.

 Access to Healthcare and Welfare

In 2019, The National Library of Medicine estimated that over 8 million patients needed emergency medical care. These were, in most cases, related to injuries caused by falls. One of the perks of growing old is that you get access to minimum income, social security, and welfare programs for seniors, such as Medicare. For a long time, people experiencing poverty had issues accessing healthcare, but with Medicare, you can, even if you have no family or are poor. This is quite a good thing to look forward to and can help ease your fear of growing old.

Sense of Accomplishment

When growing old, you get to take pride in every accomplishment you attain. No matter how small. From learning a new skill or hobby to getting a second chance at parenting your grandchildren, these acts will make you enjoy the little things in life. While not everyone may have grandchildren, they become a high priority in your life if you have some. You can easily share stories, teach them cooking recipes, and spend time with them. Helping instill values, providing guidance, and giving wisdom as they grow. All this without having to take up the daily responsibilities of having children.

Besides, while caring for your grandchildren may be fun, you’ll also enjoy watching your children. Things that may look normal, such as raising a healthy and happy baby, watching them grow, and seeing them attain milestones such as graduating from university, getting married, having babies, or retiring, can give you a sense of achievement and pride.

Healthier Intimacy

As you age, you may be intimate less often. This is true for men and women since, with age, one’s libido tends to be reduced, and issues such as erectile dysfunction may start coming up. You could consider testosterone therapy. The National Library of Medicines explains in a survey that up to 70% of patients were content with their testosterone therapy.

 Immunity to Diseases

Senior life comes with its share of pains and aches, but not from simple diseases like the flu. Over time, your body develops a strong immunity keeping you healthy into old age. You can easily fend off disease-causing germs, while issues such as allergies will be a non-issue as your body has, over the years, developed antibodies to combat the pathogens. As a senior, you also suffer fewer migraines, an added benefit.

Senior Discounts

From being admitted early in certain places to getting preferential treatment, being old can be valuable. In hospitals, you get discounts to help you save money if your income is limited. If you have a Medicare plan, it may cover up to 80% of your diagnostic tests and doctor’s expenses preceding a diagnosis of cancer until your health insurance deductible kicks in. Such discounts and programs are reserved for older people to help them stay healthy, active, and engaged. There are other perks for seniors, such as dining, transportation, medication, and entertainment discounts.

Growing old doesn’t have to be boring and scary. You can learn things from older people to help you as you age. It’s not always as bad as some people think. It’s a phase of your life to look forward to. Enjoy life to the fullest and make each moment count.