Helping Kids Fight Cavities Without the Use of Drills

At least one in five Americans has at least one or more untreated cavities, and the fear of getting them fixed may be why they are so often left untreated. However, there is hope for those who are scared to get their cavities treated without having to deal with the dreaded dental drill.

Dentists are now turning to a special liquid that can be used to help fix cavities instead of having the patient worry about the drill. For kids, this is the perfect solution, as many youngsters are scared to go to the dentist. For six-year-old Uriah Webb, this is the best form of treatment.

Uriah Webb and his mom Andrea both hate going to the dentist. Andrea says her son is constantly crying, screaming, running around, and telling the doctors to not look into his mouth. Now, with the liquid called silver diamine fluoride, Uriah doesn’t need to be scared anymore.

Dr. Scott Tomar, the chair of community dentistry and behavioral science at the University of Florida College of Dentistry in Gainesville, spoke to WFMZabout the treatment.

“What’s so exciting about it is, it’s the first time in modern history, really, that we have something that can actually arrest the decay process,” Tomar said. “You dab a small amount onto the cavity with a tiny brush, dab it on there for about two minutes, rinse it off, air dry it.”

Tomar loves this new treatment and teaches his dental students how to use it. He said that the liquid actually desensitizes the tooth, which stops cavities from getting worse and can even prevent them from occurring.

Even though this silver “liquid gold” is a great tool, there is one downfall. Improper use of the product can actually darken one’s tooth. It can even make the teeth black.

However, even though there are cosmetic risks, Andrea says this option is much better than scaring kids with a drill, forcing them to avoid the dentist forever.

“I see other kids’ teeth that are my kid’s age and they have no teeth,” Andrea said. “They are rotten down. They’re gone. It’s just horrible.”

Even though the liquid isn’t yet available in all offices, hundreds of dentists are already using the tool. It isn’t mandatory, but if parents are interested, they should ask their dental professional to see if the option is available.

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