Five Signs Your Age Might be Catching Up to You

You’ve probably heard people make the comment that their “age is catching up with them” and not really given it much thought, that is until you start thinking maybe age is in fact catching up with you, too. For many people, it’s hard to think of yourself as aging, and getting up there in years, but it is a natural process and your body will naturally show signs both inside and out. While you can’t stop the hands on the clock, there are things you can do that will slow down the process, make it more comfortable for you, and helping you to ward off age-related aches and pains.

So how can you tell that your age may be catching up to you? Let’s take a look.

You Wake Up with Aches and Pains

Remember the days where you could stay up late, not even worry about what time you needed to wake up, set the alarm and then hop out of bed in the morning? If you are now starting to feel the effects of a late night in terms of aches and pains, and a lack of energy for the day and even days after, there’s a good chance age is catching up with you.

Food Tastes Different

Your taste buds will also start to change as you age. What this means is that food you may not have cared for before, may suddenly be appealing to you now. Here’s a statistic that may come as a real shocker – by the age of 60, the majority of people will have lost at least half their taste buds.

Your Memory Isn’t What It Used to Be

Another sign is that your memory may not seem as sharp as it once was. It doesn’t mean you are forgetting everything; it means maybe you just don’t remember as much as before and perhaps you don’t even notice as much as before.

Time for Another Voice Change

If you thought that your teenage years were the only time your voice would change, it’s time to think twice. As we age, women’s voices will get lower whereas men’s voices get higher in pitch.

What’s That You Said?

Hearing is also affected by age, and can begin as early as your 20s. Loss of hearing tends to be very gradual over the years, so this particular sign isn’t usually as noticeable.

What to Do About It?

Now that you’re aware of the common signs, the next logical question is what can you do about it? Since you can’t stop time from marching forward, it’s up to you to find ways to slow down the effects of aging. Today many people are turning towards the wonders of supplements. Supplements can address all kinds of issues in your body, and are meant to top up any levels that may be low or suffering.

A great example is men who feel like it’s getting harder to stay fit, and feel like they are lacking in the energy department. They may want to consider trying a fenugreek supplement, as fenugreek has an effect on the body’s testosterone levels which then affects a person’s energy level and their ability to stay fit looking. Not only that, it can also help with weight loss, which means you will look even fitter.

The fact is that muscle mass naturally starts to decline in both men and women once they reach their early 30s. Boosting testosterone levels can be a great way to help combat this natural loss of muscle mass and rebuild it.

Learn to Embrace Aging in a Graceful Way

Aging is a natural process and is one you should be grateful to go through. With that said, it’s always nice to find ways to age as gracefully as possible so that you’re comfortable and happy for many years to come.

Photo by Jenny Hill on Unsplash

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