Facial Skin Care for Dudes – It Makes a Difference

Lots of men still don’t spend much time thinking about their skin. This is changing in some circles, where guys are realizing that their skin won’t look its best (and, therefore, that they will not look their best) without a little love and care. But it’s hard to make big changes to the self-care routine when you haven’t ever really done anything like that before. That’s why it’s OK to start small. Incorporate these tactics into your routine, and you’ll start to see big results, especially over months and years. As you move through life doing this stuff consistently, you’ll start to see the difference between the way your skin looks and the way the skin of your peers who don’t practice skin care looks.

  • Focus on the Skin Around the Eyes. When the skin around the eyes starts to wrinkle and sag, that’s when you start to look older. There are aspects of this that are just part of life, but there are also ways that you can’t prevent aging of this skin. Eyelid surgery can correct sagging and bagging that already exists above and below the eyes. If you’re not too far gone, sunscreen and facial moisturizing lotion can keep this skin looking and feeling supple, much longer than it would without any care at all. Also make sure to drink lots of water, and avoid drinking, drugs, and tobacco, as these have a way of aging facial skin faster than just about any other practice.
  • Pay Attention to the Sun. Men sometimes live with the attitude that there’s nothing wrong with a little scorching sunburn, and that heavily aged skin looks cool. This is a matter of opinion, but it’s safe to say that sun damaged skin is not healthy. Never mind the risk of skin cancer, which increases every time your skin is damaged by the sun – healthy skin just looks better in the widest variety of circumstances. This is because humans have instincts which react to healthy and unhealthy appearances. When you’re not fit as a fiddle, it comes out in the way you look. So spend some time preparing for heavy sun exposure, and your skin will wear out a lot less fast, echoed Melbourne skin clinic Hair and Skin Science.
  • Treat Eczema and Psoriasis. The skin lesions of eczema and psoriasis are common, and often untreated. Talk to a dermatologist about topical steroids and other treatment options for nagging patches of flaky and/or itchy skin. Eat healthy foods, take vitamins, and get healthy amounts of sun exposure to give your body the resources it needs to heal and preserve the health of your skin.

Lots of guys don’t think twice about the health of their skin, but every single decision you make has ramifications for your largest organ’s health. If you work hard to keep your skin healthy, this will have a positive impact on your appearance and overall health. As the years go on, you will see the cumulative benefit of your healthy habits, and so will the people around you.

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