Eliminate Your Fears & Doubts About Sports Injury

There are so many different kinds of sports out there, and each one has the probability of getting you injured. It’s the way of life in that athletic environment, athletes are bound to this unwanted outcome. Whether it’s a minor injury like a cut or a major injury such as an orthopedic break, athletes live every day with the anxiety and fear of getting injured again. Take a look below at what you can do to overcome this fear.

Recovery Time

A lot of athletes think they should cut corners and have a shorter recovery time, thinking that this way they could get back to competing faster. But that is counterproductive and will most likely get you hurt again. The fear of missing out on the sport is something every athlete goes through as well; this coupled with the fear of reinjuring yourself causes a lot of stress and anxiety.

You are much better off giving your body the time it needs to heal, only get back when you are 100% cleared by your doctor, and when you’ve gone through all the rehabilitation needed. There are many therapeutic techniques that you can find at your nearest chiropractor Elite Sports and Spine Chiropractic. They suggest working with professionals who can help reduce that stress and help speed up your recovery so that you can get back to your sport fast. Psychological Therapy is also an option to help you get past your anxiety and fears; you owe it to yourself to work on getting better both physically and mentally too. You don’t have to rush or pressure yourself, take all the time you need for the sake of your body and performance.

Getting back into the Game

When you are medically cleared and you’re ready to get back, you need to ask yourself if you are mentally and emotionally ready to get back too. From the physicality standpoint, you are probably thinking it’s impossible to get it influenced by any mental state. But that’s not true, studies show that high anxiety levels can lead to bad performances, lack of self-confidence, aggressive behavior with your peers, and your head won’t be fully focused in the sport itself. You need to train yourself back slowly but not just physically, mentally and emotionally as well.

A Step by Step Plan

Since you’re already worried and thinking about the past injury and fearing other possible injuries, you need to take it slow and steady to calm yourself and get used to it again. Begin by practicing the basic fundamental movements of the sport. Then later, if you feel up for it, you can progressively increase the difficulty. Always ensure that you feel safe and comfortable mentally and physically with the drills and tasks that you are given in the sport. If you are feeling hesitant or scared in any way, allow yourself to take a step back and practice your fundamental movements again from the start. This will allow you to progress at your own pace, which is key to redeveloping your self-confidence and training yourself mentally as much as you do physically.

Let It All Out

When you’re in the recovery phase or even after it, it’s good to talk to someone. Shaking it off is admirable, but it’s okay to ask for help and sharing that you are anxious or afraid. If you’re not into getting professional help, talking with your coach, fellow athletes, or even friends and family can do a lot for you. These people play an integral part in your life; they are there to help and support you no matter what. Athletes need words of encouragement as it helps them in the rehab phase and post rehab phases. Hearing words that tell them they’re doing a good job and hearing recognition of the improvements they are making, would almost always push athletes to get back to full intensity performance faster than they should, but in a better and safe way. The process may be slow, but you are not alone. There are people that will support you every step of the way.

Injuries are Inevitable

Whether it’s a freak accident or just bad luck, injuries are bound to happen. It’s the way of life in the world of sports; you need to accept and understand this. Every athlete’s fear can be faced by acknowledging that getting hurt isn’t the end of the world for most cases as medical breakthroughs happen every day. Instead of focusing on what might or might not happen, focus on enjoying your life to the fullest while playing your sport. You would go crazy if you worry too much, it’s easier said than done, but it is possible. Don’t be afraid to get help and support, it’s okay to get a helping hand. Do your research about the injury you had and how to prevent others. Slowly practicing and training your mind to focus fully on the “Now” and not the “What ifs” is your ticket to a happier and safer life playing sports.

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