Eleven Tips On Minimizing Radiation From Your Cell Phone

[The following is a guest post by Lloyd Burrell]

Cell phone radiation can be very dangerous — there have been more than 2,000 studies which highlight the negative effects of the electromagnetic radiation which emanates from cell phones. Here are 11 tips so that you can minimize your exposure to the radiation coming from this ubiquitous 20th century gadget.

  1. Children should not use a cell phone for calling out, except if there’s a crisis. Kids have developing organs, less body weight, lower bone densities in their skulls and less of a barrier around their brains (the blood brain barrier). This makes them more vulnerable than adults to the (electromagnetic) EM radiation emitted from cell phones.
  2. Use your phone only when necessary and make the calls brief. Bio effects of a cell phone are directly in line with length of exposure. In other words — talk too long and you increase your risk of damage.
  3. Put your phone on speakerphone so you aren’t in direct contact with your phone. If you use your phone by clamping it to your ear, make sure that the back of the phone faces away from you. A flexible airtube kit will help and you can chat a bit longer with less risk.
  4. Gain a little more cell-free time by waiting until the person you called picks up. And in the reverse, wait for a few seconds before you start chatting if someone is calling you. It’s at the beginning of the call that radiation levels are highest.
  5. Refrain from carrying your phone on your body. Women — carry your phone in your purse and men can use a Blocsoc to minimize the radiation.
  6. Always call when conditions are the best. Never call from a basement, underground, elevator, etc. The more that your phone has to struggle to find a good cell tower so you can talk to someone halfway across the country, the more radiation is put out. If your signal strength indicator is low, don’t try calling until you move to another area. Check the strength before calling.
  7. Don’t call from your parked car. It’s like a microwave in there, this is called the Faraday effect. You don’t want to get cooked, the EM radiation will be bouncing off the metal and into your body.
  8. Leave your cell phone on the kitchen counter or in your closet when you go to bed but not anywhere near your bedroom. Who needs the extra radiation dangers when it’s two inches from your head? Always turn your phone off at night as well. If someone wants to reach you, they can leave a message.
  9. If you feel tired or ill, don’t use your cell phone. Pregnant women should not use cell phones. The amniotic fluid which surrounds an unborn baby doesn’t react well to EM radiation. If you have any metal on (glasses) or in your head, beware of cell phones as well as microwave ovens. Same type of dangers.
  10. Always choose a cell phone with a low SAR rating — in the US, 1.6 watts a kilo. SAR stands for Specific Absorption Rate, its far from being perfect but it’s the best indication we have of the radiation being absorbed by the human body when the cell phone is in use.
  11. Use the text function on your cell phone as much as you can (not when you’re driving though!). Your teenaged son or daughter can probably give you lessons on that. If you text rather than talk, the phone is much further away from your ears.

Follow these tips and you’ll reduce your exposure to cell phone radiation a whole lot. Phone radiation is just a part of the big picture because electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are all around us. They increase, worldwide, on a daily basis. If you want to stay on top of just how much of this stuff surrounds you and your family, then you should get yourself an EMF gauss meter. You can use such a meter to measure the EMFs in your home, in your car and in your workplace, you will be astounded by the results.

Lloyd Burrell suddenly went from being perfectly healthy to very electrosensitive in 2002, a condition sparked off by only moderate cell phone use. Lloyd now likes to share his insights on living a healthy life in an electromagnetic world. He enjoys being a guest blogger and writing on his own EMF radiation website Download his free report to learn the truth about cell phone radiation.

Image: Mike Licht, at Flickr

8 thoughts on “Eleven Tips On Minimizing Radiation From Your Cell Phone

  • Laleh

    Do cell antennas mounted on buildings pose a similar effect?

    • Hi Laleh
      Yes they do. And there are lots of studies which back this up.
      Depending on how close you live to a cell phone tower, you could argue that they are more dangerous than a cell phone. The cell phone you can switch off, these things blast out 24/7

  • allison

    While I appreciate the tips, I would like/need to see citations to your conclusions about amniotic fluid, parked car as a microwave, etc. Because anyone can post anything on the internet, such alarming statements need to be supported by cited research. If you can follow up with these, that would be great. Thank you.

    • This *is* all great, but I too would like to see cites for some of the lesser-known “facts” like the microwave effect of cars . . . I’ve not heard that and if it’s indeed true, I’ll spread the word – with the new laws on phones/texting and driving, I know a lot of people who talk in their parked car . . . .

  • Hi Allison
    The advice I give in my article is based both on science and also on my own personal experiences, because unfortunately science does not have all the answers. There is a lack of independent studies on this issue. To reply to the 2 points you raised:
    – There is no study, to my knowledge, that proves that cell phone radiation is a danger to the fetus. Dr Devra Lee Davis, who spoke at the Senate hearings on cell phone radiation, has spoke about the dangers of cell phone radiation to the fetus, as has Dr Magda Havas. When someone is using a cell phone I can feel the radiation from a distance of several meters, so the danger this poses to the developing fetus is a no-brainer, especially given what we know about the increased dangers to children.
    – When I first became electrosensitive I realized that if someone was using a cell phone in a car in which I was also a passenger, my symptoms were immediately triggered, this is even true today. I did some research on the issue and I learnt about the “Faraday cage effect” with cars (see

  • Useful tips – thanks. The last point should say “farther” not “further.” Be well.

  • Thanks for the 11 tips!! I use an iPhone, as many people do. Am about to get a handset that reduces 96% of radiation. When my bub uses it to look at photos of himself I always ensure I switch it to airplane mode. iPhones manual even states to keep the phone 8 inches away from your body. I will follow your tip #8 from now on and leave it on the kitchen bench!!


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