Effects of Air Filters on Your Health

Rates of air pollution have risen significantly in the past years. This has led to many people investing in indoor air filters to have clean air in their homes. There are various other reasons why people purchase air filters. The most prominent of them being the effect they have on people’s health. To understand the effects that air filters have on your health you need to first know what the air you are breathing daily has.

Types of air pollutants and their effects

The air both outdoors and indoors is full of various pollutants. These pollutants might be visible to our eyes or they might be very small in size. Being small in size, however, does not lessen the danger they pose to our health. Some of the air pollutants that we breathe in daily and their effects are:

  1. Dust, which can be both visible to our eyes or not, creating problems for anyone suffering from asthma as well as being an irritant to peoples’ respiratory system and eyes.
  2. Pet dander, any pet you own releases pet dander from their skin into the air. That is especially true for cats and dogs. Pet dander is what causes allergic reactions for those allergic to any type of pet.
  3. Smoke, due to vehicle exhausts as well as smokers, causing serious damage to the lungs as well as reducing the efficiency of the oxygen intake of your body.

These are just some of the pollutants that we are exposed to in our daily lives. All of these pollutants lead to fatigue and other health issues when exposed to for a long time. Filters purify the air of these pollutants so that people do not face such avoidable risks.

Various types of air filters and their effects

There are five main types of air filters that can be bought to filter out impurities in the air surrounding you. For example, there are flat fiberglass filters that are disposable and are very commonly used in homes, pleated filters, electrostatic filters, HEPA filters and washable filters. Each of these filters uses different ideas to help purify the air of a room.

Different sizes and quality of materials used in making the filter affect the efficiency of air purification. For example, a filterbuy 14x30x1 standard air filter will filter all the pollen, dust mites, mold, and larger dust particles out of the air for a period of 90 days before having to be replaced.

Necessity of air filter maintenance

It is extremely important to constantly check on your air filters. Over using an air filter will have negative effects on you and your family’s health. Different types of air filters have different life spans. Better quality filters have a longer lifespan than others. That does not exempt the fact that they still need to be replaced after that span of time is over. Basically not having a clean air filter is worse than having no filters at all. Dirty filters cause respiratory problems.

Is it good for you and your family?

In the end, buying an air filter for your home would be a good way to lessen the risks of suffering health issues due to airborne allergens or particles. You should seriously consider getting high quality air filters to save you from worrying about replacements constantly.

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