Effective Ways to Optimize Your Kitchen for Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is a common goal for many families. While a large part of achieving this goal is about purchasing and cooking the right foods, another major portion is setting up your kitchen in a way that encourages you to choose healthy options over junk food. Let’s take a look at effective strategies for optimizing your home’s kitchen for healthy eating habits.

Strategically Arrange Your Pantry

When you open up your pantry looking for something to make for dinner or to snack on at night, you’ll most likely end up choosing whatever you can conveniently grab. Make the convenient choices the healthy ones by putting them front and center. Put the processed foods on the bottom shelf or hidden in the back and place the low-cal, all-natural options at eye-level.

As you organize your pantry, try to make it as aesthetically-pleasing as possible. By making it look nice, you can start to enjoy peeking into your pantry for a snack rather than dreading opening the door to a cluttered mess. A great way to make your pantry more attractive is to keep foods in jars or containers rather than the packaging they’re sold in. Many families will keep their pasta, of which the average American eats 15 pounds every year, grains, nuts, and other goods in jars to make them a more appealing choice.

Have the Right Tools

To eat healthy foods, you need the right kitchen tools to prepare them. Stock your kitchen with the utensils and appliances that will help you create healthy meals just as you would stock your fridge with healthy ingredients. Some of the best tools and appliances for healthy eating include a blender for smoothies, a high-quality set of knives and a cutting board for fresh produce, and a steamer for foods like rice and vegetables. Be sure to keep these tools on your counter rather than tucked away in cupboards, as it will help encourage you to use them more frequently.

As you’re optimizing the tools specific to your kitchen for healthy eating, think about the larger systems in your house that affect your kitchen. For instance, you’ll want to check on your water heater to be sure that it is working correctly and giving you the water you need. A conventional water heater lasts 10 to 12 years, depending on the level of maintenance, so think about if it is due for a replacement. You should also make sure that your air conditioning system works well in the summer. If it doesn’t cool your home enough, you won’t want to cook anything in a hot kitchen and will instead resort to eating out every night.

Set Up a Sound System

Americans eat out an average of three times every week and part of this is due to the fact that plenty of people just find cooking boring. If you want to cut down on the amount of times you eat out each week and cook healthy food at home instead, try to make your cooking experience more enjoyable by playing your favorite tunes while you cook.

Set up a radio, docking station, or speakers so that you can listen to your preferred podcasts or playlists while you whip up a meal. Cooking doesn’t have to be a task that you dread, it should be something that you can enjoy and use as a way to relax from the stresses of your day. By playing your favorite music or podcasts, you can more easily get into a cooking roll to make your dinner for the night or even meal prep for the week.

Eating healthy is an attainable goal for your family, you may just have to make some changes to your kitchen to accomplish it. Try out these simple strategies to make healthy eating an easy option in your home.

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