Drug Treatment Programs You May Consider In Indianapolis

Drug abuse programs are intended to help break the cycle of compulsive drug behavior among patients. Some programs have registered success while others have not. The success of the programs highly depends on the specific situation the patients find themselves in. Note that some of the programs take a relatively shorter period while others are long term. Here are some of the most common drug treatment programs in Indianapolis.

Outpatient treatment

This program can be offered at the doctor’s office. It is the least intensive program reserved for substance abusers that are least affected. The program covers a vast array of areas ranging from educating the victims on the dangers of drugs and teaching them how they can remain sober. Also, they offer addiction therapy and counseling. Another service provided in the program is detox.  

Intensive Outpatient

It is an intensive treatment which may require more extended periods. It should be administered regularly. It entails partial hospitalization if the patient has a mental and co-existing medical condition. Patients under this program are allowed access to many services during the day.

Residential treatment programs

Patients who are severely affected by substance abuse and who require close attention throughout may be placed on a 24-hour residential treatment. The program aims at removing the patients from situations or factors that contribute to their conditions. They undergo various activities including counseling, monitored withdrawal and detox. They are also subjected to behavioral and psychiatric treatment.

Inpatient hospitalization program

It is a supervised full-time hospital-based care for drug abusers with severe mental and medical conditions. It requires intensive inpatient hospitalization that allows for monitored treatment. It is suitable for patients whose psychiatric and medical state has deteriorated. It is an intervention that requires close monitoring to help the patient stabilize.


Each of the programs described above has its cost implications. It all depends on a wide range of factors like the level of luxury, location and many more. Do note that all inpatient programs are expensive compared to outpatient programs. The cost may range from $200-$900 per day depending on the services offered. But intensive treatments are more costly with each session costing between $100 -500. Notice that the total cost of the program will depend on the frequency and the length of the session.

What you should look for in a program

It is somehow difficult to choose a suitable program for your patient. But generally, it is recommended that you match the needs and the services provided. Talking to a professional can help you decide the best treatment option for your patient. Choose a center with qualified doctors and nurses with strong credentials.  Also, look at the financial implication. Substance abuse treatment is expensive and so having a good financial option could help you secure better treatment for your patient.

Lastly, if you have a loved one who is hooked on drugs in Minneapolis, don’t let them perish; chose any of the drug abuse programs available to help them stop abusing the drugs. Remember substance abuse affects people from a different cultural background, age, and even gender. So the earlier the patient is enrolled in a treatment program, the better the results.

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