Chocolate Chip Cookies And Medical Malpractice: Closer Than You Think

The Human Element

People are people, and nothing will change that. This means they will live in harmony with their environment, and live entirely out of sync with it. They will create the finest works of art, and do the most deplorable, vile things. They’ll help their fellow man, and they’ll stab him in the back.

Sometimes humans do good things intentionally, sometimes they do good things accidentally. The chocolate chip cookie was an accident, and so was artificial sweetener. One has brought the world nothing but good, the other has ushered in a fad of chemically-derived pseudo-sugar drinks that have been linked to serious medical conditions. A medical negligence attorney in Chicago wants to show us that the same sort of trend exists in medicine today.


Increasing Benefits and Increasing Consequences

While there are exceptional medical breakthroughs that are making longevity possible for populations who would have been written off before, like those who had polio or tuberculosis in the world of yesteryear, at the same time medical mistakes seem to have much greater impact in modernity.

You wouldn’t ever have a medical practitioner accidentally leave a surgical implement inside a patient in the 1800s, because surgery methods weren’t advanced enough to complete open-organ surgery in most places. Certainly, the propensity of human error could have allowed such a thing at this time, but it would be far less likely.

surgery-880584_640Today, such cases happen on a statistically predictable basis. One of the reason medical costs are so exceptionally ridiculous is because practitioners are forced to pay exceptionally high insurance premiums just to operate—and for good reason!

Human error on the factory floor may result in defective vehicles, but in the medical arena, the same kind of “aw, shucks!” mistake could permanently change a person’s life, or even end it.

Getting Legal Representation

It’s important to note that just as medical practitioners have grown savvy to the coverage void and instituted deep medical malpractice insurance measures to save their skins should the worst come to the worst, there are definitely scenarios where a patient will need legal representation.

Not all medical practitioners are honest and seeking to honestly better society, just like not all accidents result in chocolate chip cookies. Some are genuinely involved in medicine for some underhanded purpose, and the general practice of their medical specialty is only a kind of front for other, more ambitious activities.

Such areas of practice will naturally have more “human error” discrepancies, but can’t always be avoided. Consider the family in the city’s neglected district who has no vehicle and can’t afford for public transportation to spend two hours taking them twenty miles. Mothers, fathers, and private adults carrying the weight of their own medical bills shouldn’t enter the medical arena unarmed.

Especially in the District of Columbia, where political intrigue and crime go hand-in-hand with other human nature extremes, a Washington DC medical malpractice attorney is almost an integral component of modern conduct. Such an attorney is your insurance against the insurance of practitioners who increasingly seem to regard patients not as fellow human beings, but as paycheck fodder.

Being Prepared In The Modern World

The sad truth of American public systems today is that bureaucracy has all but choked the goodness out of them. Again, the dichotomy presents itself. Where once such systems ensured fair and balanced treatment, now they ensure that none running such bureaucratic behemoths are responsible for whatever good or bad treatment you and yours receive.

The bottom line is that today’s atmosphere requires savvy, progressive individuals to have some access to legal representation in their back pocket as an additional means of insurance against medical malpractice

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