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Binaural Beats: The Meditation Sensation

binaural-beatsEveryone has heard the word “meditation” before, with the word causing mixed reactions, both positive and negative, and indeed it does have its detractors. However, the world’s collective stress levels are climbing as capitalism tightens its grip around the throats of the very people seeking to escape its confines.

Enter meditation. Meditation is the practice of focusing your mind often with the aid of slow, rhythmic chanting or prayer in order to elevate the senses or indeed to reduce stress caused by everyday factors, such as money, work, or poor eating habits.

Meditation in current records goes as far back in time as 1500 BCE when the Hindu traditions of Vedantism (a school of Hindu philosophy and religious practice which uses concepts such as Brahman and Maya) are found. Fast forward a few thousand years and we arrive at the concept of Binaural Beats. The concept of binaural hearing has been around since 1916 but the practice of Binaural Beats, or the auditory illusion a listener experiences when listening to two different but pure sine waves at a range lower than 1500mhz, is somewhat newer.

How does it work? Two mono speakers, each playing their unique sine tone below 1500mhz are played through each ear. This produces the illusion of a third tone, which the listener hears in addition to the other two tones. The other two tones are generally played at a range fairly close to each other in order to heighten the illusion of third tone. But how can it be used as an aid to meditation? The human experience of meditation is bound closely with the achievement of a non-ordinary state of consciousness or NOSC. It’s generally the goal of someone meditating to communicate at an astral level with higher level spiritual entities.

When a human wishes to enter NOSC it’s noted by scientists that they often utilize a rhythmic tone or percussion to better focus their efforts. Enter Binaural Beats. The Rhythmic tone produced by Binaural Beats is thought to be linked directly to certain parts of the human psyche, as evidenced by the fact that when a person is in NOSC, an EEG reading shows that brainwaves are comparable to those produced by a person simply listening to Binaural Beats.

Brainwaves are a lot like acoustic waveforms, so it’s not surprising that acoustic stimulus of the brain is linked to the output shown by an EEG while a person is in a non-ordinary state of consciousness. Simply put, binaural beats are thought to be a shortcut to the meditative state, reducing the need for the spiritual effort required to enter this state. However, binaural beats have been around for a long time, even though humans may not have been aware of the science behind it.

For example, the beautiful, incessant droning of Tibetan monks in their monasteries high in the mountains, or the haunting, rhythmic sound of a native American drum have been the primitive driving forces behind meditation for centuries. Binaural beats represents a step forward from such practices, exposing the raw and powerful science of ancient, audio-driven spiritual meditation.

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