Becoming a dad is a worthy reason to quit smoking – Did you take the step?

Are you an active smoker who has long been thinking of quitting this habit? You must have thought several times but you may not have become successful in doing do. There are few who argue the fact that there are several health reasons which are compelling enough to make a person quit smoking. Especially when you’re a would-be-dad or you’re already a new dad, there are hundred reasons to stop smoking. In fact, becoming a father is one of the biggest reasons behind quitting smoking. What more do you want more than the good health of your baby?

However, this is easier said than done. We all know that smoking is a heavy addiction and it is usually tough to break addictions. Hence, anyone (whether a husband or a would-be-dad or a new dad) who wishes to quit smoking needs enough willpower. Fortunately, there are several worthy nicotine alternatives and you can choose from any here.

Would-be dads should quit smoking   

If both you and your wife are about to start a family, you must be extremely excited. However, there is something that most couples forget and that is taking care of their physical self. Are they ready enough to bring around a new bundle of joy, who will be entirely their responsibility? If both you and your wife smoke, you should immediately stop this habit if you don’t want the harmful impacts to hurt your baby. While your wife should quit smoking, you can still switch to e-cigs or vaping as there no chemical is burnt and hence the harm caused is much less.

Switching to e-cigs – Will that cut down the harm?

If the pregnant wife is concerned, you should never opt for vaping during pregnancy as that can have a detrimental impact on your baby. As far as the father is concerned, they can still take to vaping as e-cigs are less toxic and they can even cut down on second-hand smoke. Most of the e-liquids contain nicotine which is the main addictive element. The would-be-dads should be able to reduce their addiction by switching to vaping and by reducing the strength of nicotine day by day. The second-hand vape that is released from vaping is also not much harmful for the passive vapers but that is not true with your newborn. Hence, you should totally avoid vaping if you’re a new dad.

Therefore, whenever you’re wondering about the reasons why dads should quit smoking, take into account the above mentioned tips and advice to ditch smoking forever.

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