From Basement to Attic: Clearing Your Home of Cancer-Causing Chemicals & Toxins

Although many people may not know it, household cleaners, beauty products, and other items you can find throughout your house may contain harmful toxins that pose a threat to you and your family. But what alternatives are there?

Fortunately, there are ways you can clear your house of these harmful products. There is now enough information out there to help you stay safe in your own home while maintaining the cleanliness that you’ve come to expect. Here is a list of some of the most dangerous chemicals that you can find in your house and a few precautions to can take to reduce your risk of adverse health effects.

Dangerous Products

Most cleaning and personal-care products you buy from stores contain harmful chemicals. This is because the chemicals are very good at the jobs they are designed for, but they can be very toxic and lead to cancers if you are exposed to them for long periods.

Air fresheners contain phthalates, which are used to increase the effectiveness of the aerosols and fragrances that are released into the air. These chemicals have been linked to breast cancer in women and can also cause birth defects and other neonatal complications. They can also change hormone levels, which can produce adverse health effects.

Many cleaning products contain formaldehyde and chloroform, which are both cancer-causing agents. Dryer sheets are also known to contain carcinogenic chemicals that can enter the air during the drying cycle or cling to clothing afterward. The good news is that there are alternatives to both cleaning products and dryer sheets that you can use to lessen your risk of exposure.

The Problem of Indoor Pollution

One of the biggest problems with using these household products is that the chemicals stay inside your house and contribute to indoor air pollution. While many people are concerned with outdoor pollution, they overlook the dangers of indoor pollution.

The problem with indoor pollution is that you spend a lot of time in your house, which extends your exposure to the dangerous chemicals released by household products. Along with the previously mentioned pollutants, there are also Volatile Organic Compounds and particulate matter that can enter your lungs, causing both respiratory and cardiovascular damage. Both of these pollutants are released through use of paints, glues, polishes and other common household cleaning and repair products.

To reduce your indoor air pollution, refrain from using any products that contain harmful chemicals and, if you do use them, make sure to do so in a well-ventilated area. Also, periodically open the windows to allow cross-ventilation and get rid of the pollution buildup.

Go Natural

You don’t want to stop cleaning your house or using personal health care products, so what alternatives do you have? There are actually a wide variety of organic and natural products that you can use throughout your home that are safer than the chemical alternatives.

For instance, rather than using harsh cleaning chemicals on your floor or in your bathroom, you can look for products that are made from fruit juices and other safe alternatives. You can visit Better Life for more ideas on choosing safe products.

Cleaners that contain natural products are great because they can help reduce the production of cancer-causing chemicals twofold: they don’t require industrial production and they will not release those toxins into your home when you use them. This will fight both outdoor and indoor air pollution which is great for everyone.

Multi Use Products

Another easy way to reduce your exposure to dangerous chemicals is to go through your cabinets and see if you have any products that you don’t need. Oftentimes, you will be surprised to see the things you can stop using around the home.

The best way to reduce your usage is to buy multi use products that can do several different jobs. Rather than buying a floor cleaner, a countertop cleaner and sink cleaner, there are products that can tackle each of these jobs on its own. This will not only save you possible health risks in the future, but it will also save you money in the short term since you won’t have to buy so many products.

Vinegar, water, baking soda and lemon juice are natural alternatives that can clean many different surfaces, from countertops to windows, and leave everything smelling fresh and clean. Try mixtures of these things and find one that works for you.

Don’t let the harmful chemicals that can be found in household products ruin your health. There are plenty of alternatives out there.

About the author: Nathan Armstrong is passionate about raising awareness of the number of dangerous chemicals that we use in our daily lives without even realizing it. He shares small ways to make changes for a healthier home.

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