Bad Breath Causes, Consequences, & Remedies

Learn about bad breath causes so you can find the right remedy for you.

Undesirable odors are one of nature’s way of telling you that something is not as it should be. Decaying organisms put off smells that let you know to avoid them. Sulfuric fumes let you know that the air is toxic, and fetid water stinks enough that no one will drink it. It’s no wonder that bad breath can damage your confidence. The smells coming from your mouth send a signal to those you talk to that something just isn’t right.

If you are one of those that chronically suffers from bad breath, you may begin to experience anxiety or depression, and in some rare cases, medical attention is needed to clear up this problem up. For most people, however, there are some simple and effective bad breath solutions available. Many of the problems stem from poor habits that can be easily corrected, such as improper flossing or brushing, which leaves behind food material that rots and puts off odors. If you are dehydrated, your mouth does not have the moisture necessary to clear away the plaque and bacteria that accumulates in your mouth, and some illnesses contribute to bad breath as well.

Fixing your bad breath problem is often as easy as drinking enough water or improving your brushing routine. You could even benefit from regular exercise and living a healthier lifestyle in general. To find out more about bad breath causes, consequences, and remedies, check out the helpful infographic below.

Beating Bad Breath Guide Infographic
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