6 Foolproof Secrets to Keep Your Family Healthy the Natural Way

Is someone in your household constantly sick with this or that malady? Are you tired of spending hard-earned money on products that are full of chemicals and only treat the symptoms? With the following tips, you can keep your family healthy the natural way:

Teach Proper Handwashing

Handwashing is the number one way to stop the spread of viruses. Though washing your hands may be second nature to you, your kids might be too impatient to do it correctly, or maybe, no one taught them to wash well in the first place. Use a non-toxic, castile soap to scrub your hand under warm water for at least half a minute. Get your kids to have fun with it by telling them to wash their hands for the length of time it takes them to sing the “Happy Birthday” song twice.

Make Sleep a Priority

From boosting your immunity to reenergizing your mind and body, sleep is important for so many different reasons. The amount of sleep needed varies by individual, but most adults need about eight hours of sleep. Teens need up to eleven hours, and younger children need even more.

Learn about Your Health Insurance’s Preventative Care Options

First of all, your family should have health insurance. It will ensure that you can get proper treatment without facing financial ruin if you get injured or suffer from an illness. That said, most health insurance companies offer a full complement of preventative care options because treating you before you are ill saves them money. Call your insurer, and find out what is available to you.

Use Natural Remedies Rather than Buying Medications

Pharmacies have aisles upon aisles of expensive medications packed with unpronounceable ingredients. Most of the time the side effects are not worth the cures. Instead, seek out the many natural remedies. Natural Papa has countless articles that you can reference, including using opium poppies for pain, natural ways to relieve fevers, and natural antibiotics.

Avoid Foods with Added Sugar

The immune response is halted for five hours when you consume 100 milligrams of sugar. If you and your family receive a constant stream of processed sugar, you are leaving yourselves open to all sorts of maladies.

Get Regular Exercise out in Nature

There are countless ways to get your family outside and exercising, and when you do so out in nature, you are getting the added benefit of the calming effects offered by our Mother Earth. Hiking and geocaching are two excellent family physical activities.

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