5 Tips For Preventing Head Lice in Your Family

Kids bring home all sorts of things from school. Unfortunately, among all of the potential illnesses they can bring home are lice infestations.  There’s nothing like seeing your child scratch their head and feeling your stomach drop as you realize your house has been hit.

Initially, you may start to question yourself as a parent. You may start to worry that you aren’t clean enough or that it’s your fault somehow. However, getting lice has nothing to do with cleanliness. Anyone can catch head lice if they’re exposed.

The good news is that there are ways to prevent catching lice. Take a look at some of the best ways to steer clear of these blood-sucking pests.

Use Repellent

Shampoos and treatments are available to treat lice if you find that you’ve caught them. However, preventative care is also available. Using all-natural treatments like essential oils will repel lice from getting in your hair.

You can even spray your children’s hats and jackets to avoid them getting invaded by lice at school. Although it’s not always the case, lice are known to travel from person to person without your heads even touching.

Check Your Family’s Heads Regularly

Routine head checks help to notice an infestation before it progresses too far. When checking your family’s heads, make sure to look for eggs and not just lice. In some cases, you may find dandruff or fuzz, which easily falls off of the hair.

However, if you notice white spots sticking to strands of hair, they’re probably eggs.  Make sure to check your family at least once a week, especially in younger children. Lice love to gather in places like the hairline, so make sure you look closely in this area.

Don’t Share Hats Or Brushes

One of the easiest ways to transfer lice is to share brushes. It’s a good idea if everyone in the family has their own brush to avoid spreading them. It’s especially important if you have multiple children in the household. For extra security, you may even want to consider putting them all in ziplock bags.

Cover Transportation Seats With Cloth

If you fly or take any sort of transportation which has a cloth seat, then you should consider bringing along a scarf or cloth. Lay the cloth under your head so that you don’t risk catching any critters while traveling.

Keep Hair Tied Up

Evidence shows that girls tend to get lice more than boys. The reason for this being is because they tend to have longer hair. You may decrease your chances of catching lice if you tie your hair back. A bun or tight braids may significantly lower your chance of falling prey to lice.

Photo by Emma Simpson

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