5 Important Health Checkups for Men

We live in a weird world where the “manliness” factor is a barrier across several stages of life. Stop right here if you’re a stereotype and continue reading if you want to improve yourself for the better. Men need to get their health checkups as often as women get.

Unfortunately, the medical thing is stereotyped as a female thing, but the truth is that both genders have to take care of their bodies. In the modern day and age, with much advancement in technology, one can easily go through the medical screenings within a short time. So if you’re trying to put your “lack of time” as an excuse, then we can’t take it forward as a concrete statement.

In this article, I will navigate you through 5 major health checkups that men need to go through. However, I don’t intend to be a sexist by mentioning them only for men. Women equally need to give magnified importance to them.

Five important health checkups for men

Eye checkup

This is very important just as we visit a doctor for other routine checkups of the body. Eyes are very sensitive organs and taking care of their health is very imperative. If you want to book an appointment, then you can consult Cherry Hill eye doctor for the best advice. It is suggested that you visit an eye doctor who is situated the closest to you.


This epidemic has ruined the lives of many people across the world and continues to hunt down many more. However, now with the latest technology in hand once can easily go through the Body Mass Index calculator to give oneself a reality check about the figures. If you get a reading that is between 18.5 and 24.9, then you’re on the safe side; however, if your figures are between 25 and above 30, then you’re in the red zone.


Mental health is as important as physical health is. Though there is no device that measures depression but its symptoms can be very strong indicators of the fact that you’re suffering from mental illness. Simple symptoms include loss of appetite, cutting down of social ties, sitting in seclusion, feeling directionless, anxiety, etc. Common reasons for depression could include work pressure, financial loss, destructive relationship, etc.

Blood Pressure

Often acknowledged as a silent killer, this chronic issue continues to be a major predator in the list. High blood pressure can transition into hypertension which then could cause heart strokes and nervous breakdown. It is very imperative that blood pressure should be monitored especially in times of stress and anxiety. Therefore this test also qualifies as a mandatory health checkup for men.

Blood Cholesterol

Do you suffer from chest congestion? How old are you now? Men who cross their 30 certainly need to get their blood cholesterol levels checked if they have an unhealthy lifestyle. High cholesterol levels can cause blood clogging in the arteries. This issue will very likely mature into heart strokes and other problems. Men who smoke weed, suffer from obesity and have high blood pressure, are very likely to have a heart attack before their 50’s. Therefore running for a cholesterol exam is very important.


Lastly, there are many more tests which men need to go forward with. The above mentioned five tests should be given top priority. It is very imperative to be concerned with one’s physical and mental health.

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