4 Creative Tips to Remember for Your Children’s Skin Care

Any parent knows the importance of their children’s’ health. That’s why when we read news of children’s products backfiring, or research about skincare ingredients threatening our children’s health, the outrage is resounding. That’s why we’re on the constant lookout for the better, greener alternatives to keep both their health and skin nourished. That’s also why companies and producers are now scrambling for our attention.

Companies all over the world claim shelves labelled “premium baby products” because parents who would usually think natural and organic products are better tend to apply it to their kids too. Even though kids can’t speak for themselves, parents have to keep in mind that these products should fit their children’s utmost needs too.

Stock up on sunscreen

Kids always love to stay outside on a sunny day. They love joining soccer teams, play with their friends from the neighborhood, or just simply bask under the sun for hours on end. In fact, even our younger preschoolers and toddlers get exposed to harmful rays from the sun through family travels and regular trips to the supermarket. That’s why applying natural sunscreen should be a habit.

Make sure to have a tube handy especially if your family’s the outgoing type. Outlets like Well Within Beauty offer products which are very sensitive and formulated to fit the skin of children, and they offer them even on a rainy day. Take note that it doesn’t have to be labelled as exclusively sunscreens. There are also natural face washes, lotions, and moisturizers that are organic and have substantial SPF in them.

Consider their clothing

When we talk about skincare, it’s often taken as the products that we apply on our skin, or the healthy diet we commit to for that radiant glow. It often escapes us that clothing touches our skin even more frequently than these products do. This works for our children as well, and we should take special note of this as the adult who makes the decision of what to clothes to buy for them.

Whenever you shop for your kid’s clothes, make sure to read the tag sewn onto the garments. You can look for organic materials such as cotton, soy, or hemp, or other similar materials which have been certified as free of dangerous chemicals, which can be the cause of unwanted skin reactions.

Avoid allergies

Given that children are hardly aware about their own health, or what they are or aren’t supposed to take, we usually just go with the most natural option to avoid the most health risks. But chances are, products plastered with “organic” or “natural” labels can still comprise of ingredients that can trigger a child’s allergic reaction. It can be challenge to know what can cause your child’s allergies to break out, but we can gain a general idea of what ingredients to look out for by familiarizing ourselves with the usual components. Organic elements in these products always have valid and positive applications and might not even pose any threats to us adult users, but we have to be extra careful for the more sensitive skins of our children.

If you wouldn’t eat it, leave it

Here’s a good rule of thumb: if you can eat the ingredients that make up the skincare products that you use, then the odds are it’s a safe and genuinely organic product. Our organic beauty products should look more like finished recipes of organic ingredients than commercially manufactured products. This doesn’t mean you have to squeeze a pinch out of all your children’s products to taste test them. You just have to be knowledgeable on the basic ingredients listed on the product. Natural oils and herbs often if not always pass as safely organic materials.

It also helps to remember that synthetically concocted fragrances can trigger allergic breakouts too. Not everyone can be a scientist, but our senses can tell us enough on what’s good or bad for our children.

The most important thing to take note is that what we give them and make them use on their own builds culture. If we stay mindful of what we use, then the odds are our kids will be mindful in the future as well.

Photo by Chiến Phạm on Unsplash

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