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3 Things To Prepare For As You Near The End Of A Pregnancy

While you have about nine months to prepare for the arrival of your new baby, it’s still common to feel like you have to much to do or learn as those nine months start coming to an end. Not only will you soon be able to hold your sweet, little baby in your arms, but you’ll also become a new parent who has to figure out how this new life fits into yours.

But before these things even happen, your top priority is likely making sure that this baby is able to get here safely and that mom and child are both happy and healthy once all is said and done. To help get all these things in place prior to leaving for the hospital for delivery, here are three things to prepare for as you near the end of a pregnancy.

Get Your Car Ready

If you live in an area where you drive yourself around a lot, you’re going to want to ensure that you’ll be able to safely take your new baby with you. As a part of this, Elena Donovan Mauer, a contributor to The Bump, advises that you safely install your new baby’s car seat a few weeks before you due date. By doing this, you’ll be ready whenever Baby decides to appear.

In addition to this, you should also go over your route to the hospital so you know the best way to get where you need to be once things really start getting real. The last thing you want to be worrying about when you’re in labor is how to get to where you plan to deliver. This can not only cause stress on the mom, but could also put the driver in an unsafe headspace, which could cause a car accident.

Make Plans For Help

When you have a new baby at home, you’re not going to be able to take care of things as easily as you could before the baby was born. Because of this, many new parents need some additional help when they first bring home their little one.

To ensure you’re able to have the help you need, Marisa Cohen, a contributor to, recommends that you get a plan in place for help before Baby arrives. This means asking certain people to help or requesting that others stay away while you get situated with your new little one on your own.

Create A Flexible Birth Plan

Before your baby can make his or her entrance, you first have to go through the hard part of labor and delivery. If this is your first experience with this, you might be a little nervous about how everything will play out.

To keep you ready and relaxed about this aspect of having a baby, Tara Haelle, a contributor to Consumer Reports, advises that you think about a flexible birth plan. This can and should include alternatives for if and when things don’t go exactly as you want or envisioned.

If you’ve got a baby coming soon, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you prepare for the end of this pregnancy.

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