15 Reasons Why You Need A Dehumidifier in Your Home

Home dehumidifiers are important appliances used in maintaining optimum humidity levels at home. These appliances cleanse the indoor air by removing excess moisture and dampness to preferred levels of humidity. Dehumidifiers are beneficial to the living space and most importantly to family members, friends, and pets. Moreover, some of the dehumidifiers are portable thus moving with your tiny house built on wheels cannot be hindered by this vital appliance. To understand more about the importance of dehumidifiers, read reviews of the dehumidifiers and see why you should purpose to possess the appliance if you are interested in building or owning a tiny house. Expounded herein are some of the reasons why these appliances are needed at home and especially in tiny houses.

1. Eliminate Mold

Mold is a fungal species that thrives well in humid and warm environments.  Molds are dangerous in large quantities. Molds are associated with mold-related infections as well as asthma. Even worse, they also cause depression in the nervous system. Using a dehumidifier will reduce the excess moisture in the atmosphere thus depriving molds favorable growing conditions. This will reduce the incidences of allergy-related symptoms, infections, and asthma to your family members.

2. Combat Dust Mites

Just like mold, dust mites also grow and multiply in humid conditions. Dust mites are also known for causing allergy related infections as well as asthma. Dehumidifiers help in reducing and controlling the number of dust mites in the house by removing excess moisture from the atmosphere. Depriving dust mites of these growth conditions will ensure that your tiny house is free of these invisible microscopic organisms.

3. Improve Air Quality

The quality of air in households is measured by indoor humidity levels. Apart from scent diffusers and air purifiers that increase air quality, dehumidifiers are also responsible for improving air quality at home. Reducing the levels of humidity in the house will improve the air quality to levels that are healthy to occupants of the house.

4. Affordable

There are many types of dehumidifiers to choose from in the market, and a good number of them are cheap and affordable. Customers can budget and acquire the right dehumidifiers for their specific needs at very affordable prices.

5. Portable

Many dehumidifiers are portable and therefore very convenient to use. They come in small sizes that are easier to carry around from one part of the house to another and use. This option allows clients to use their dehumidifiers strategically in their house to cleanse the air.

6. Easy to Maintain

Dehumidifiers are designed using innovative features that make them easier to maintain. They are designed with simple features for simple and quick access to the internal reservoir thus making maintenance very simple.

7. Maintain Structural Integrity of Houses

High levels of humidity tend to destroy the structure of houses. High levels of dampness results to the rusting of metallic fittings and structures while woods might split, swell, or crack. On the other hand, molds can grow on the wall. Using a dehumidifier can easily combat such issues thereby maintaining the structural integrity of houses.

8. Efficient Use of Energy

Most of the household dehumidifiers have the ability to operate efficiently to save energy. This helps in cutting down additional utility costs thus saving customers of excess bills. A dehumidifier also helps in using energy efficiently by allowing air conditioners to operate properly.

9. Automatic Dehumidifiers Save Time

Automatic dehumidifiers are convenient for saving time. The automatic feature enables the owners of these appliances to operate their dehumidifiers by monitoring them.

10. Improve Comfort

High levels of humidity tend to decrease comfort by increasing temperatures in the house. Reducing moisture from the air will reduce the temperature levels and make the house more comfortable.

11. Drying Clothes Indoors

In certain months of the year, the weather is not always suitable for drying clothes outside. Removing indoor moisture with the help of a dehumidifier can help in drying clothes faster inside the house when the weather is not favorable.

12. Getting Rid of Bad Smell

Certain rooms in the house might start smelling musty as a result of damped moisture in the house. A dehumidifier will be effective in extinguishing the smell by removing the excess dampness thereby enabling the house to regain cleanliness and smell fresh.

13. Eliminate Bugs

Bugs live and multiply well in damp as well as humid environments. These microscopic animals tend to be very stubborn when they invade people’s home. Clearing moisture in the air with the help of a dehumidifier will assist in getting rid of these bugs.

14. Health Purposes

High levels of humidity may cause irritation to the skin and respiratory system. By regulating the humidity levels, dehumidifiers reduce irritation to both the respiratory system and the skin allowing one to breathe easier and more comfortable.

15. Non-disruptive

Dehumidifiers are not disruptive since they operate in the background quietly and efficiently without disturbing the occupants of the house.


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