Send “flowers” to your guy friends in the form of a BroBasket

When it comes to buying a gift for man, a guy, a bro, whether that’s your husband,gifts for groomsmen, your brother, your father, or your friend, it can be challenging sometimes, especially for gifts sent as a token of appreciation instead of a holiday or birthday.

At times of celebration, such as getting a new job, or buying a house, or other achievement, when oftentimes flowers are ordered online for home delivery, there aren’t really that many choices on the market for guys who’d rather skip the floral arrangement and foofoo gift basket. However, one company thinks it has the answer for gift choices that are “like flowers for guys,” curated by theme, and which can also be customized to fit the recipient’s taste.

BroBasket offers a selection of gifts specifically catering to men’s tastes, and although women might also enjoy these gift baskets as well, the company is focusing on serving up “the occasional long distance hug” to men with its selections.

When you see the term “Bro” you probably think of that party-loving, egotistical frat boy who always insisted on hi-fiving you for some reason. We hate the typical nomenclature for “Bro” and we want to redefine it.

We are taking the term “Bro” back because to us, a Bro is much more than that. A Bro is that friend you’ve known since you were 5 years old, your buddy from softball, your dad, your brother, your best friend, or maybe even your lover. (so smooth)

BroBasket has gift sets with beer, spirits, snack foods, gear and goodies and more, as well as some booze-less baskets, and if you want to order a custom gift basket, you can do that as well.

The company sent me one of its products recently, the Craft Beer Sampler, and the only thing missing from it was the fact that the beer wasn’t chilled already. It was all wrapped in a galvanized steel pail, and included a pint glass etched with the BroBasket logo, two bottle koozies, a bottle opener, a bag of Popcornopolis gourmet flavored popcorn, and two each of three different varieties of California craft beer (IPAs from Stone Brewing and Lagunitas, in my case).

Our BroBaskets were created to be THE best gifts for men, ones that all the Bros in your life would love to receive. The guys that love beer, scotch, whiskey, tequila, wine and maybe the occasional long distance hug only a BroBasket can provide.

The BroBasket was virtually an instant Friday night in a bucket – just add ice – and it was well-packed and padded inside, and delivered in just a few days (the company offers three different shipping options for those who need speedy delivery). The presentation was nice, and was just as shown on the website, with all of the items clearly visible in the bucket upon opening the box, and wrapped in clear plastic. And once the beer was cold, I certainly enjoyed several nights of IPA goodness and some munchies, which isn’t something I’ve ever said about floral arrangements…

Assuming you know something about the guy you’re buying a gift for, it’s virtually guaranteed that the recipient of a BroBasket will be pleasantly surprised when it shows up on their doorstep, and with the average price of a gift from the company coming in at under one hundred dollars (with shipping), it’s not a total wallet-breaker either. Sure, you can go to the liquor store and buy cold beer and hand deliver it to your buddy along with a glass and ice bucket if you live close by, but the ease of online ordering is tailor-made for gifting to out of town friends, with literally no time needed for driving or shopping or shipping a present to them. Learn more at BroBasket.

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[Disclosure: I received this product for review purposes, and all opinions, errors, or omissions in this post are mine alone.]

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