How to Buy Jewelry That Your Wife Will Actually Love

A bestselling book some years back declared that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. The notion is humorous, but there’s a grain of truth to it.

As men, one of our biggest challenges is understanding how to show proper affection … which women tend to crave much more than most of us do.

Six Tips for Buying Jewelry for Your Wife

“The way men and women differ in their displays of affection can be seen as an example of the ways they differ more generally in affective style,” one relationship expert explains. “Women — or, rather, girls — are socialised to be comfortable and embrace feelings of love, nurturing and tenderness; this can mean that women are more comfortable expressing and sharing these emotions verbally.

“Conversely, boys are brought up to not place such value on affection, and instead focus on physical strength, independence and possibly even competition.”

As you’ve grown in your relationship with your wife, you’ve probably also become more aware of the differences that exist between you on this level. Although you surely are not incapable of showing affection — and you may even do so frequently — you probably aren’t as prone to doing it as your wife is.

Understanding the various ways you can show greater devotion will undoubtedly help you grow in your relationship. One way men can show more tenderness for their partner is by giving meaningful gifts … such as jewelry.

But once again, this is typically an activity we haven’t had a lot of experience doing in the past. Don’t let this concern you, though; it’s really not as hard as it looks.

Here are half a dozen practical tips for buying jewelry that may be just what your wife desires.

Know Her Style

What is your beloved partner’s style? Not every woman fits into a neat category, but you’ll probably find that most fall into one of two general categories: either timeless and classic or bold and modern.

If your wife prefers the timeless and classic look, she’s more likely to love vintage jewelry. If she’s bold and modern, she may be more interested in unique pieces like these.

Buy What She Loves

“Often, men buy what they’d like to see us in, not necessarily what we feel good wearing,” gem and jewelry consultant Cynthia Renée Zava says. “They can also be swayed into a purchase with which they’re trying to ‘mark’ us — you know, buying a piece that recognizes a man’s spending power, not necessarily one that is intrinsically rare or beautiful. Jewelry should feel alive and sensual on the body – not stiff, sharp or unyielding.”

This is a critically valuable piece of advice. Remember, you aren’t buying a piece of jewelry to please yourself, but for your wife.

If she perceives it as something that you like more than she does, this could pose a problem. If you want to make a personal statement, buy yourself a watch. If you want to show your wife you care about her, buy her something she is going to love.

Ask for Advice

If you’re unsure about which piece of jewelry to purchase, you might enlist the help of a close friend, your mother-in-law, or your wife’s sister. One of them can probably provide excellent advice on how to proceed when you aren’t sure you’re on the right track.

Make it Personal

Any way you can make the piece of jewelry unique and personal is good. Among the possible ways to do this is to have something meaningful inscribed on the inside of a ring or incorporate a family heirloom into a new necklace or pair of earrings.

Buy From the Right Jeweler

Just as vital as the piece of jewelry you buy is the jeweler you purchase it from. “Check the jewelry store’s reputation with family, friends, and members in the community and industry familiar with the store,” the Better Business Bureau advises.

“Check the store’s Reliability Rating with the BBB. Ask about the gemological and appraisal education of its salespeople. Find out what trade organizations the jeweler belongs to and the requirements for membership.”

Focus on Presentation

How you present the jewelry to your dearest can be just as critical as what you give her. If you just hand your wife a necklace and say, “Here … I got this for you,” that instantly devalues it.

This clearly isn’t as momentous as it would be if you took her out on a date and delivered a meaningful statement about why you appreciate and love her.

Make Your Wife Feel Special

Buying a piece of jewelry isn’t so much about showing how much money you can spend, or going overboard with a gaudy ring or necklace that you believe says “success.” Giving your wife a piece of jewelry should be solely about making her feel special.

If you conduct the shopping process with that in mind, you’re more likely to find the perfect piece.

Photo by Andy Holmes on Unsplash

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