Finding the Right Summer Clothes for Father’s Day Gifts

19683_dad-1125002_960_720Father’s Day will be here before you know it, and you might be running a little behind on finding a present for father. Thankfully, there’s one area that dads notoriously hate shopping for, and that they’re almost always in need of, which is cool and comfortable clothes. Clothing decisions for dads can often be a dicey proposition. While it’s important to give credit where credit is due, sometimes dads aren’t the best when it comes to fashion, and thankfully there’s a holiday that lets you help out. These are a few tips and suggestions that will make sure that your dad is looking his best (and keep you looking like a great and thoughtful kid) with clothes that are both cool and comfortable.

One of the first recommendations for summer is to find him the right pair of shorts. They need to not only be comfortable, but as anyone with kids will tell you, they need to be durable and have a lot of pocket space. Dads are also expected to be part pack mule, and that means carrying snacks, toys, pacifiers, wet wipes, and much more. With a solid pair of well-fitting cargo shorts, you can make sure he has room for these extra baggage without looking like he’s bursting at the seams.

And it’s more than shorts. Pants are also pretty important for dads (as they are for most people), but there are a lot of traps men tend to fall into, and Cheat Sheet’s advice on picking the right pants will keep dads looking rad instead of ridiculous. Among them is remembering that loose pants and jeans are actually in style this year. Any dad that thinks he’s being cool with a pair of skinny jeans needs to be told politely, but firmly, that he’s not doing himself any favors if you want to get dad the best jeans out there check out the best motorcycle jeans which are pretty cool for a dad. In addition to trying too hard sometimes, guys can also fall into the stereotype of bad dad fashion with terrible pleated pants, which should always be avoided at all costs. Instead, go for a pair of pants that are loose and comfortable without being baggy and don’t draw too much undue attention to themselves.

Another item that no dad should find themselves without is a good polo. The right polo is not only comfortable, but also casual enough that it can be worn around the house or for yardwork. Additionally, the collar makes it appropriate for PTA meetings or going out to dinner. It’s smart to go ahead and get him several of these workhorse shirts so he’ll be ready for any occasion. Plus, like polos, a button-down sport shirt is another great way to add some patterns or prints to any outfit without having it look as though he’s trying too hard. KingSize Direct’s collections offer some terrific inspiration with a variety of plaids in downplayed colors like blues and greens that are perfect for the summer months.

And when picking out these clothes, it never hurts to go neutral with the colors. A good dad not only expects, but accepts, that his clothes are going to get dirty. There are going to be stains, spills, throw-up, and plenty of other things. Executive Style’s tips for fashionable dad styles recommends using earth tones and darker colors like navy, olive green, and dark grey to put together a downplayed, albeit attractive, wardrobe that says a lot without much flash. The darker colors will always look good, are easy to match, and help to hide unsightly stains.

These are just a few of the cardinal rules for dad fashion, and by getting him a few of these pieces as gifts and following these simple tips, you can ensure that your dad will be looking stylish all summer long. Of course it’s also possible that your dad is a fashion master and loves his own clothes shopping! If that’s the case, you can always add in a coupon or gift card to his favorite store in Father’s Day ecards. This works great if you’re pushed for time too!

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