Birthday Ideas for the Man in Your Life

Men can be hard to birthday shop for. It seems that most men either have everything that they want or just do not seem to want anything at all. Fortunately, there are a few go-to items that almost any man will love. Often, it is not about getting a man something that he does not already have, but rather getting a different or better version of something they have already. Here are some items from the most affordable to more the more extravagant.

A Tie

A tie may seem to be a cheap and worn out idea, but for a basic gift, it cannot be beaten. Every man needs to have at least one tie in their wardrobe because they are sure to have to go to a formal event at some point. A great thing about ties is that they come in a wide variety of prints and materials. That makes it easy to choose from formal to whimsical, depending on the taste of the recipient. An accessory, such as a gold tie clip, will keep the gesture from seeming generic or cheap.

A Belt

Like a tie, a belt is an essential accessory to a man’s wardrobe. It can even prove useful in a wider variety of situations. Men who like to be the center of attention may also enjoy a belt with a prominent buckle that helps them to express who they are. Buckles range from affordable and funny to richly adorned and expensive.


Most men would love a nice pair of boots. For some, the best choice is a new, rugged pair of work boots. Other men, however, love the sense of stylish flair provided by Ariat men’s cowboy boots. A great pair of western cut boots make a beautiful finishing touch to any ensemble that includes blue jeans. Even if the cowboy look is not his thing, with so much style variety, there is a nice pair of boots that will make any man happy.

A Grooming Kit

Men like to look their best, and a big part of that is grooming the hair on his face as well as various other parts of his body. Every year the major brands come out with personal grooming shavers that are a bit better than the year before. Even if a man has a personal groomer of his own, if it is more than a year old, he could likely use a new one.

A Smart Watch

A watch has always been a go-to gift for a man. Years ago, pocket watches were considered family treasures and passed from father to son. Even just a few decades ago, a boy’s first watch was a big life event. These days the tradition of the watch lives in the smartwatch. These watches not only tell the time, but have internet alerts, and can even help monitor health. Most men would love to have one of these tiny computers strapped to their wrist if they do not already.

A Spa Vacation

When people think of a spa weekend, they usually think of a gift for women. The fact is, however, that men like to be pampered too. Although few will admit it. While many men will pass on the manicures and pedicures, there are plenty of other spa treatments. A good mud bath does sound pretty manly after all. Everybody loves to spend time relaxing in a jacuzzi or a steam room no matter their gender, and few would not enjoy a nice relaxing massage. A spa weekend is a gender-neutral mini-vacation that any person could use to revitalize their mood and mind by revitalizing their body.

A Skydiving Trip

Not everybody loves adventure and excitement, but some men very much do. For men who like to get their blood pumping, there are few gifts more extreme than the gift of leaping from a perfectly good airplane. A skydiving trip is not everybody’s cup of tea, but it can be a great adventure. It is not a cheap gift and will set the giver back several hundred dollars, but for many, it is a once-in-a-lifetime chance. It can even be a great bonding experience for the giver and recipient to do together.

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