What are the top gaming tablets of 2014?

tabletTablets have advanced a great deal in recent times, making them serious options for everything from working to gaming. This article will examine the best tablets for playing games on, both the high end games like Need for Speed that have ultra-sophisticated graphics and straightforward real money gambling sites casino games like roulette, you can also check site where you can start getting practice to become better.

Nvidia Shield Tablet

For those hardcore gamers who want to be able to do everything from spending a night immersed in a battle of online poker, to playing an action game like Avengers Alliance, with its state-of-the-art graphics, this is the tablet for you. The Tegra K1 processor means that gaming performance is smooth no matter the graphics, while it is supported by the cutting edge Android 4.4 KitKat operating system. Alongside the internal storage, you also get a micro SD card, and the 8-inch screen with 1920 x 1200 pixel density means you will feel like Nick Fury is right there in the room with you when you play on this tablet.

iPad Air

At £399, this Apple tablet is certainly not a cheap option, but it does have real gaming advantages. For one, the slim, lightweight body makes it one of the more portable and comfortable tablets for gaming on the move – and for playing lengthy games like online poker in sites such as For your cash you get a 9.7-inch screen, meaning even the graphics depicting ultra-realistic military sniper viewpoints in Zombie Gunship look great, while you can easily see everything from the cards to the live dealer feed when playing poker or blackjack. Furthermore, the 32.4 watt rechargeable battery offers decent lifespan, so it isn’t a tablet to die on you at crucial moments in game-play. And for people who own an iPad, probably own other Apple devices as an iPhone or a mac, and if you’re into heavy gaming the best gaming mouse for mac may be also a good choice when you want more than tablet games.

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2

This tablet retails at around £365, so again the price is definitely a downside – but you get plenty of bang for that buck. According to, there is an upswing of great betting games accessible on the tablet. With the Guide to the bingo promotion for new customers of tabletes, business is ripe! For one thing, the mighty 12.2-inch screen is THE one to play a racing game like Need for Speed on, as you won’t miss any of the action, while the S Pen gives you options for games requiring a delicate touch. Furthermore, the quad-core processor means it can support the heavy-duty graphics of arcade games as well as simpler casino ones, while there is also RAM of 3GB here.

Picking the finest gaming tablet out of these three superb options is very hard indeed, but the Nvidia just has the edge – because it seems to have been designed with gaming primarily in mind. Everything comes together here, from space and power, to image quality.

[Image: John.Karakatsanis]

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