How to Choose a Liquid Vape Pen

The people who design and develop vaping products are quite innovative. This explains why they are always rolling out new and sophisticated liquid vape pens. This makes things more exciting for those who enjoy vaping. If you walk into a vaping shop today, you will find a variety of products. As such, you will need to take your time and identify the best liquid vape pen. In case you don’t know what to look for, here is how to choose an e-cig.

Comfortable to hold

There are lots of different e-liquid vape pens on the market. And even though they all work the same, the designs vary. For instance, a vape that feels comfortable in your hands may feel strange in another person’s hand. So, before you even move to other specifications or features, hold the liquid vape pen in your hands. If it is the perfect fit, you can go ahead and examine its other features.

Tank capacity

How long do you want to use your vaping device before refilling? If you want a vape pen that you could use for a long time without a refill, you need a tank with a bigger capacity. Therefore, check the size of the tank. The manufacturers will typically label the tank in milliliters. Go for a smaller capacity if you only intend to vape for a few minutes.

Easy to operate

The best liquid vape pen is easy to operate. This depends on the experience of the user. If you have tried out many vape devices, then chances are that you will not mind a sophisticated device. But if you are a beginner, you may want a vape pen that you can assemble and use with the utmost ease.


Another quality of a vape pen that you need to consider is power. For those who love devices with high performance, you need to go for the right battery capacity. A vaping device with an 1100 mAH battery performs well, but if you need power you can opt for an even higher wattage. Also, check the number of coils that a device has. The more the coils, the better it will perform.


There are many vape pens on the market. The problem is that a device from a less popular brand could underperform. To avoid this disappointment, it’s best to buy a genuine product from a renowned brand. Do your due diligence online and read reviews to see if the customers buying from the brand you would like are satisfied.


The other you want to consider is the battery output of an e-liquid pen. Pens with a direct output fire much higher than the others. However, as the charge reduces, the firing also reduces. You could also go for a device with a constant voltage. Such a device will fire at the same wavelength as long as it is charged.

If you don’t know much about liquid vape pens, you are going to have a hard time identifying the right one. But if you’ve read this guide carefully, you will shop for vape pens like a pro. Good luck!

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