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ladybug gardenFor some people tending a garden seems more like a chore than a beloved hobby. However, there are plenty of people who find it to be relaxing and take great pride in their gardens. These people will always have seasonal plants and flowers, will always keep it in tip top shape, and they treat their gardens as a second living room. Part of what makes these peoples’ gardens look so great is that they stay up with the latest trends in outdoor and home gardening. Just like how fashion and home decoration changes each year, gardening also changes. One of the best ways to spruce up your garden is to keep up with the latest trends.

Everyone now is very conscious of the environment and is trying to find ways to reduce their carbon footprints. One way to do this is with your garden. A lot of people think that gardening all in its own is environmentally friendly, but there are ways to make sure that your garden gives back and helps the environment. When you are creating your new garden, think about water usage and ways to keep it to a minimum. Choosing plants that don’t require excessive watering will help reduce your garden’s water use. There are plenty of succulent plants, as well as greenery and foliage that take very little watering. Also, look for plants that are local to your area or areas with a similar climate. These plants will be able to thrive and survive with little water or tending. Once you have picked the plants that you want, plant them in groups according to their needs. This means that you would plant greens that don’t take a lot of water together, and then plant the flowers that require more water in a different area. The same theory goes for plants that need more sun than others. This helps your plants thrive and develop better by getting the proper care that they need. Once you have everything planted, you can set up an sprinkler system. Installing a sprinkler system will help you from over watering plants, and can save you time and money.

Going organic or home grown is more than just a trend at the grocery store or local farmer’s market. People are now opting to change their gardens to have more fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Heirloom vegetables and fruits have been making a comeback thanks to people going organic. These fruits and vegetables can help add extra color to your garden and give you great ingredients for your favorite dishes. Having a vegetable or fruit garden lets your outdoor living space become a second kitchen; you can even add a grill and an outside dining area. When it comes to adding vegetable and fruits into the garden, some people decide not to because of space. There are ways around the issue of space. By creating garden boxes or being creative with different pots, you can easily create small stair step gardens for all of your vegetables and herbs. If you don’t want to make a trip out to the garden each time you want some herbs, vertical gardens have become very popular and are a great way to bring your edible garden in doors. You can plant different herbs and spices in a vertical garden box and hang it in your kitchen. This will let you have natural, fresh ingredients in all of your recipes.

Bringing your garden inside has changed the way people decorate their homes. One of the latest trends that is on Better Homes and Gardens, as well as Pinterest, are terrariums. Creating a terrarium is a great way to bring nature inside and perk up any inside space. Simply find a vase that you like, add rocks some potting soil, some succulent plants, and then cover the top of the soil with moss. After you have everything planted, you can enjoy your new creation. Tending your terrarium is very easy; simply water it as needed and trim plants that grow out of the vase. This easy inside garden brings green life and energy into an office, living room, or guest bedroom. Other ways that people are decorating their homes is by bringing in potted plants to add extra life to their home. Some people like to bring in other nature items like rocks, twigs, or branches to give their home an indoor garden feel.

There are many other ways that people are changing their gardens into outdoor living spaces. Having a garden that is environmentally friendly, organic, edible and even decorative lets you add an extra room to your home. These trends are also popular with people who live in apartments and condos that may not have a back yard or large outdoor living space. People who live in apartments and have a balcony can build their own garden boxes for their own private vegetable garden. Some people have seating or outdoor space on the roof of their town homes or condos. If their building allows them to, this space is a great place to create a garden oasis.

Keeping up with the latest garden trends doesn’t have to be a chore. Reconnect with nature and help the environment by keeping your garden up-to-date. Remember to use plants that are in season and are native to your area or climate to improve your garden’s life. There are plenty of different gardening ideas and tricks that keep your outdoor living space up with the latest trends. Get creative and love your outdoor living space.

[About the author: Emmalee Smith graduated from The University of Texas with a degree in interior designs. After working as an interior designer, she decided to start helping others with their projects by writing for a DIY blog. She likes to teach how to do simple DIY projects and give tips for decorating. Emmalee enjoys photography and learning about the latest trends in home renovations and design. Image: OliBac]

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