Home Gardening With Your Family

One thing that I find very important is to try to share your values with your children, and help instill positive traits. For my wife and I, one value we share is the desire to grow our own produce, flowers, and other plants. There is a connection to the earth that we find very important, especially her, being from the mountains of North Carolina. For me, growing up in the city lead to my connection to the earth in a backwards way, by seeing how terrible huge urban environments can get. Because of this, we have adopted a lifestyle that we feel important to pass on to our children.

Protecting Your Family

At the core of my belief in home gardening is the fact that I believe in knowing where your food comes from. Today there are so many agribusiness compounds that it is almost impossible to know everything that goes into your food. This isn’t safe for us, and certainly not safe for our children. This is one of the most important roles that home gardening takes for me. My wife and I find it our number one priority to make sure that we can grow the healthy foods to raise our children on, and it is a value that we both take very seriously. Also, with the growing costs of food, you can cut down on other expenses that can go back to investing in your family, and that might be the number one goal of all.

Growing Together

The reason why it is so important to involve our family and teach them this skill is that we grow closer together. When you invest time, effort, and labor into cultivating a vegetable or even flower garden, you are teaching your kids hard work. You are also teaching them that with time and effort, you can create something beautiful and purposeful. You realize you’re not just growing foods and plants, but you’re growing a family as well, and the family grows closer. It is very important to share these experiences with your children, and to make sure they respect the world around them. They might not share all of your interests and hobbies as they grow older, but having respect to the world that gives them so much is a value worth sharing.

These are the reasons my wife and I find it so important to share this activity with our family. We want to be strong together, both physically and spiritually. Getting out in the world, working the ground, and putting some real effort into what we create is important. Personally, the work I put into this has influenced the amount of work I put into my productions as a filmmaker. The more time you take to yield a worthwhile product is something that sticks with you, and really can change your life. We hope to have a positive change in the lives of our children and futures to comes.

[About the author: Jordan is a blogger, media professional, and garden hobbyist with his wife in Moncure, NC. He also works and writes for Aspire Direct when he’s not working on a film. Image: hummanna]

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