Create a Family Garden By Recycling Wooden Pallets!

Too many people spend all their time designing the inside of their home while neglecting the exterior. Think about it: you probably go to local parks and farms to feel like you’re in nature, but you can create that feeling in your backyard, too. Using materials like wooden pallets, you’ll have an affordable and eco-friendly way to turn your yard into a garden oasis.

Utilize Readily Available Materials Like Wood Pallets

Finding materials for a backyard renovation can be tricky. There are aisles of overpriced furniture, decor ideas, and even plant pots in most hardware stores, but that means following someone else’s vision instead of creating your own. Therefore, before you begin the process, think about what you’re trying to create and utilize materials readily available to you to do so.

Whenever you embark on an outdoor project, you should honor the environment, and what is a better way than to recycle materials like wooden pallets, which are used practically in abundance worldwide? There are over 1.8 billion pallets in service in the United States daily, and 93% are made from wood. There is plenty to go around for your family project!

An Affordable and Eco-Friendly Option

Of course, there’s the added benefit that wood pallets are affordable. As long as you know where to look, you should be able to find them for free or at a low cost, freeing up some of your budget.

Using these pallets is an eco-friendly choice. Yes, you can find cool stuff in stores, but repurposing materials that would otherwise go to waste is much better for the environment. Not only are you reducing your environmental footprint but you also reduce landfill waste.

Check the Condition of the Pallets

Make sure your pallets are in good condition and show no signs of rot or mold. When you choose pallets, be mindful that you need ones that haven’t been treated with chemicals or pesticides. If not, you risk them leaching into the soil, harming your plants.

Make Sure You Have a Solid Foundation

Before you begin any work on your actual garden, take care of any landscaping that needs to be done around the house. This is particularly important if you have trees. If they’re not in good condition, they risk dying and falling onto your property, sometimes causing significant damage.

Other parts of your yard need addressing, too, such as any shrubs or flowerbeds you already have in place and anything else that might be overgrown or need some TLC. 90% of homeowners believe it is important to maintain their yard, and two out of three say they would hire a professional tree service to help them care for their trees, shrubs, and other plants in their backyards.

Plan Your Space Sensibly

Once you’ve addressed the current state of your garden, the fun finally begins. Measure the space available and consider the type of plants you want to grow. Some herbs and plants need extra space and can’t be packed in too tightly, so be conscious while arranging your flowerbeds.

You can use wooden pallets to create vertical structures for climbing plants or raised beds. The pallets are a great option to increase your useable space and provide good drainage, allowing you to maintain control over the soil quality.

Don’t Forget Regular Maintenance

Fill the space with color, and soon, you’ll have a garden for the whole family to enjoy. Don’t forget about upkeep! According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, pruning while a plant is dormant makes it easier for the plant to recover, which is important for next year’s flowers.

With the help of wood pallets and careful planning, you can create the garden of your dreams for your entire family. After all, you shouldn’t have to leave your home to enjoy nature.