A Splash Of Pink: A Wide Selection Of Pink-Colored Flowers For Your Yard

In the psychology of the color pink it has been discovered to produce a calming effect. Some individuals have even shared that in times where they feel joy and happiness, they associate it with the hue of pink. In terms of art, when color is added to certain art pieces, it increases its creativity and gives it a more vibrant vibe.

It is generally a happy color. It is a color that embodies and gravitates life and love. It can produce tons of moods and affect behaviors. What do you think of the color pink?  Would you ever consider planting pink-colored flowers? Have you ever imagined your yard to be filled with a bunch of pink flowers? If you want to know more about them, here’s a list of flowers that beget pink varieties you can produce in your yard.


Hot weather and regular watering are the best of friends when it comes to caring for these flowers. It is hardy and can be easily cultivated. They prefer to be under full to partial morning sunlight. And just like any other plant, for it to live longer, its soil must stray from being too wet and soggy. When dead flowers appear, pruning is recommended.

Its history started from the lands of Brazil but can now be cultivated throughout different parts of the world. The pink type of Begonias blooms during Spring up until the first frost. Its stems are succulent-like, waxy, and rounded.

These flowers can grow up to 12 to 24 inches in length and 18 to 24 inches wide.  They have pink buds on top of a deep shade of green foliage. They are usually utilized and maintained as a house plant.

Chinese Fringe

During Spring, a range of hues of pink, even white, and green Chinese fringe flowers come into the picture. When fully developed, it can tower up to 15 feet but in accordance with its variety. Some call it strap flower, and its scientific name is Loropetalum chinense. They are shrubs that can be easily maintained if cared for properly.

To do so, they need to be exposed to sunlight but should also be in partial shade from time to time. Its soil must be well-drained and rich in organic mulch. They can tolerate drought, but their soil must be kept moist. Although they can survive through very cold conditions, they must still avoid such climates to thrive better.

They are natives of places like China, Japan, and areas in the Himalayas. These plants can be used when you need a little privacy. They can be a good shield from the prying eyes of your neighbors.

Calla lily

If you’ve ever attended weddings, these flowers are usually used to symbolize devotion between newlyweds. During funerals, they are also the emblem of rebirth and purity. They have even been a part of a 1664 illustration of the Royal Garden of Paris.

Their usual height is from 24 inches to 34 inches. It is a perennial plant that is perfect for water gardens, borders, and beds. These magnificent flowers offer pink, purple,  yellow, orange, and red shades from the early summer until spring—their country of origin dots to South Africa and Malawi.

It is crucial to keep their soil moist but not soggy or wet. It will also be suitable for the plant if fertilizer is added to the soil. They come in the form of a funnel-like structure.


These mums originate from the lands of East Asia. It has a cluster of tiny flowers that are composed together on the head and contains disc florets. They have a variety of colors like pink, purple, white, yellow, orange, and red.

When turned into tea, you can reap many health benefits, and it can soothe chest pain, swelling, fever, cold, and dizziness. It’s also a good source of Magnesium. To obtain these benefits, it’s a must to water them well and expose them to good sunlight.

It is sufficient for its area to be completely drained for a better chance of survival but still keeping its moisture. They can stand up to 3 feet and spread up to 3 feet. Their leaflets can be blue and green.


When these lovely flowers come to grow into their mature stage, they perch 6 to 12 inches tall and widens into 3 to 6 inches. To ensure smooth development stages, they should not be overwatered. The correct way of watering them is at their soil level. It’s also unnecessary to give them organic matter. When winter comes, it’s best to protect and shelter them against the harsh frost.

Other than pink, it has several other colors like yellow, white, and purple. Its stems are stemless, and each stalk contains a tiny bract. Its seeds can be used for medicinal purposes.


After reading this article, you might now know of the different flowers that possess the color pink. We truly hope you were able to get out of your dilemma about planting these pink beauties.

If you’re still deliberating on adding a shade of pink to your flower collection, take this as a sign to start growing them. Aside from this article, you can do more research about pink-tinged flowers, which is the universal color of life and love.

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