The “Natural” Cereal Bait and Switch

Those cereals in the grocery aisle with the ‘natural’ label might just be made from the same old conventionally grown grains, but labeled as ‘natural’ to deceive you in order to charge higher prices for inferior ingredients.

“Cornucopia and USDA research finds GMOs, and toxic pesticide residues, in “natural” cereal ingredients… and many “natural” brands are often priced higher than equivalent organic products.”

A new report from the Cornucopia Institute, Cereal Crimes (PDF), highlights the devious practices of marketing foods as ‘natural’, when in fact there are no standards for that label. These practices are intentional and despicable, and prey on families which choose to buy natural foods by taking their hard earned money and trust and giving them back an inferior (and possibly harmful) product.

“Although the prices may be similar, in reality, there is a vast difference between organic and “natural” products from grain produced with the use of toxic pesticides. In some cases, companies charge high prices for “natural” products that even contain genetically engineered crops developed by St. Louis-based Monsanto.”

Get the full scoop from Cornucopia: Major Agribusinesses Competing with Organics on the Cheap, “Natural” Food Products with Toxic Chemicals and GMOs Deceiving Consumers

Find out which brands are true to their claims, and which are pulling the wool over our eyes with the Cereal Scorecard.

[About The Cornucopia Institute: The Cornucopia Institute is a 501(c)(3) public interest group, and engages in educational activities supporting the ecological principles and economic wisdom underlying sustainable and organic agriculture. Through research and investigations on agricultural issues, The Cornucopia Institute provides needed information to consumers, family farmers, and the media.]

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  • NEVER be surprised by “lies” in marketing. Especially at the market! #DadChat is tonight at 6 p.m., PST – hope to see you there!


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