Why You Should Be Swapping Out Your Wheat Products With Sorghum

sorgum-fieldMost of the popular products available, such as cakes, cookies, and breads are primarily made from wheat flour. If you’re trying to increase the nutritional value of your diet, you can start with your baked goods products. You don’t have to completely eliminate them and go carbohydrate free. Instead, you can choose recipes or items that are made with the healthier grain, sorghum. Here are the ways sorghum is more beneficial to your body than wheat.

Gluten Free
First, sorghum is one of the ways people with celiac disease can enjoy certain baked goods. This wholesome grain is entirely gluten free, which allows people who have trouble digesting this ingredient to finally enjoy breads and cakes once again. Products made with wheat flour do contain gluten, and sorghum flour is one alternative substitute that cooks can use in order to continue to enjoy certain dishes. It also tastes great, so there’s no reason those who don’t have gluten issues can’t enjoy it as well.

The next way that sorghum has an advantage over wheat is with antioxidants. Sorghum’s composition means that it features these powerful molecules, which may even help prevent cancer. Some experts believe antioxidants help arm the body to battle free radicals. This is another type of molecule that may contribute to certain types of disease. It’s thought that a diet rich in antioxidants is one of the ways you can help prevent an illness that begins with free radical exposure.

Sorghum also trumps wheat in another way, with protein. Most whole grains are not significant sources of protein, but one cup of sorghum contains a whopping 22 grams of protein. Regular digestion of quality lean protein helps the body develop lean and powerful muscles. Protein is also known to support better brain function and keeps you feeling fuller longer. For those who are trying to watch what they eat, a diet rich in sorghum may help prevent you from getting too hungry between meals, which can lead to unhealthy snacking.

Most whole grains also feature another beneficial ingredient, fiber. Sorghum can help you make sure you are getting the recommended daily value of your fiber intake. Fiber is a great way to keep your body feeling sufficiently full after meals. It also promotes a healthy digestion system. Those who regularly eat fiber-rich foods, enjoy lower cholesterol, a healthier weight, and a more robust digestion system. Adding sorghum products to your breakfast or lunch can help keep your body on track.

Vitamin B6
Additionally, sorghum is a source of vitamin B6. This nutrient is an essential part of a healthy system. There are several tasks that this vitamin assists within the body, including adrenal function, metabolic processes, and neurotransmitter production. Your nervous system and brain can benefit from including this nutrient in your diet. You can ensure you’re getting enough of this vitamin by trying to use bread with sorghum flour in your lunch instead of a wheat product.

Most commonly found in teas and wines, tannins are another added bonus that you get when you start incorporating sorghum into your diet. The tannin comes from the sorghum seed or stem tissue. As sorghum is processed into flour, the tannin continues to inhabit it. There has been recent research linking tannins to an increase in cardiovascular health. Tannins are also known to be antimicrobial, which can help limit the spread of harmful bacteria or germs

Eating sorghum regularly also gives you more exposure to a vital element, magnesium. This mineral is essential to maintaining an overall sense of calm, so if you suffer from anxiety it may help to include this in your diet. You can also get an energy boost with a diet rich in magnesium. If you’re looking for ways to enjoy more products with sorghum in them, one decadent treat you may like is a cookie made from Just Cookie Dough, from Hampton Creek.

The last top health benefit that sorghum offers eaters is the inclusion of copper. It’s been suggested that copper helps increase red blood cell production. This can lead to faster healing and less premature aging. Your energy levels may increase as well if you consistently include foods rich in copper in your meal planning.

When you’re trying to revitalize your recipes, look for ingredients to add that pack a more powerful nutritional punch. Switching from wheat flour to sorghum flour is one way you can get more beneficial vitamins and minerals with your regular diet.

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