How Natural Foods With Natural Ingredients Are Improving Quality of Life

6120743468_e9d1a5251b_zStandard food production methods have undergone radical changes throughout the years. While many of these efforts have been designed to cut costs and accommodate the increased needs of a rapidly growing population, the majority of these changes have had an adverse impact on human health. With the advent and increased use of high-fructose corn syrup and other chemical additions, populations have seen a comparable increase in obesity, diabetes and other weight-related health issues. Recognizing this connection has inspired numerous companies and consumers to start making natural foods and natural ingredients a top priority. Following are several ways in which healthful, nature-based foods can have a positive impact on life qualities.

Fewer Digestive Issues

When it comes to maintaining good digestive health, people are often advised to eat plenty of fresh, fibrous foods. Fresh fruits and vegetables are great for maintaining digestive balance. It is also vital, however, to choose foods like these that are closest to their natural state. A fresh-picked apple is always preferable to warm apple compote when it comes to promoting and maintaining optimal health. Moving away from foods that are heavily processed, refined and filled with man-made ingredients can alleviate gastric distress, promote regular bowel movements and provide increased energy. When the body is able to recognize and break down foods efficiently, it is also better able to convert these into usable energy.

Fewer Food Allergies

Hampton Creek images have been popping up on the web, on billboards, and in other highly visible areas that promote the idea of serving and consuming foods that are just foods and absolutely nothing else. This return to natural, healthy fare is in part inspired by a marked increase in food allergies. Many manufactured food products contain a host of chemical additions that are not easily recognized and digested by the human body. Signs of food allergies can manifest in a large number of ways and consumers often identify the source of their problems by altering their eating habits. A return to fresh, natural foods commonly proves effective for eliminating skin rashes, digestive upset and a host of other health concerns.

Dieting Made Easy

One of the major causes for the modern obesity epidemic is lack of information. Many consumers are finding it harder to distinguish between clever advertising and truthful claims about foods and food products. Ingredients lists are often lengthy and complex and even modest portions of things like condiments can have a tremendous impact on a person’s overall caloric and fat intake. With straightforward lists of simple, natural ingredients, however, consumers have a much better ability to moderate what they’re eating and determine exactly how much they’re eating. Not only is this extremely beneficial for weight loss, but it also has a tremendous impact on long-term weight management.

Clear Expectations

A return to natural foods and transparent food manufacturing practices gives consumers the ability to have clear expectations concerning what they buy to nourish their bodies. This makes it possible for people to shop for, plan and prepare meals with both surety and confidence. Efforts on the part of a growing number of companies to restore overall food quality, also makes it possible for shoppers to have higher expectations upon entering the store.

Affordability and Accessibility

One very impressive development resulting from the return to natural food production is the increased availability of affordable options in natural food. As consumers express a greater desire to move away from packaged, processed and chemically-laden products, more companies are making an effort to alter their food production methods and place a greater emphasis on quality. This increased competition is allowing for competitive prices and greater availability of healthful, nutritious goods for consumers at all income levels.

Top image: Alice Henneman

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