Great grilled veggies recipes for a healthy life

Everyone loves to eat tasty food which takes our taste buds to cloud nine, but very few people like to eat health food like veggies. This isn’t a good sign, as more people should eat them due to their health and fitness benefits for our body, which can be done if we cook the veggies in such a way that it tastes delicious. That’s why we have come up with some grilled veggies recipes which will give you a taste that you will never forget, and will make you crave more of these grilled veggies every time they are cooked.

So come on, folks, let’s hop on the list of some delicious grilled veggie recipes given below to cook, enjoy, and have a healthy life.

grilled tofu recipe

  1. Grilled tofu

Tofu is made from soy milk and is liked by many people. It becomes tastier when you grill it. For making grilled tofu, you need to remove the excess water from it by pressing it with paper towels and then cutting it into square pieces off of the big chunk.

After that you need to prepare marinade for tofu by mixing salt, pepper, lime juice, ginger juice, balsamic vinegar to give it tangy taste, garlic power, little olive oil, yogurt and soya sauce. Once it is made, you need to mix it with the small square tofu chunks in a bowl and keep it in dry place for 2 hours for tofu to soak all the goodness of the marinade in it.

Once the tofu is ready to be grilled, you need to put the tofu chunks on a steel or bamboo skewer and put them on the grill for 2-5 minutes, rotating them to make then crispy on all sides and juicy inside.

grilled mushroom recipe

  1. Grilled mushrooms

Grilled mushrooms are easy to make and delicious to eat. Making them is not a hard task at all. They can be grilled in many different ways and taste best when served with bbq, mustard, tomato, and mint and coriander sauce.

To prepare the mushrooms for grilling you need cut their stems and clean them with cold water. Then you need to empty their insides and fill with a mixture of finely chopped veggies like tomato, peppers, jalapeno, corn and cheese, along with some spices. Take a big tomato or pepper piece and place on top to close it and prevent the cheese from going out, and dip the mushrooms for 5 minutes in the marinade mixture of olive oil, honey, little grated ginger, lemon juice, chopped garlic, salt, balsamic vinegar (optional) to give the outer part of the mushroom a good taste.  Then grill it in the grill basket for 10 minutes before serving.

If you don’t like the above recipe, then you can avoid filling the mushrooms and just mix them with marinade and grill them to make it fast without much hassle of collecting other items.

grilled corn on the cob

  1. Grilled corn

Corn is liked by everyone, whether they are in boiled form or grilled, but here we are going to discuss grilled corn. As we are preparing a grilled corn recipe, we don’t need to take all the kernals from its cob as in a boiled corn recipe. We will use the corn on its cob. All we need to do is remove the husk part from the corn cob which is always present above it if you are buying them from the veggie market.

Then we need to apply some butter, salt and pepper marinade mixture on them with a brush as per your preference and then they are ready to be cooked.

For grilling the corn, we need to place the corn cobs on a grill for about maximum of 5-12 minutes and turn the corn cob every 2 minutes when the side exposed to direct heat is cooked to prevent any over cooking and burning of the kernals. Once it is completely done, then you are ready to eat it, if you like, you can apply some lemon juice on it after it is grilled.

Tip: If you don’t like to cook your corn with direct heat flames, you can wrap it in aluminium foil and keep it in the charcoal grill for indirect cooking. Always grill the corn when it is tender and not mushy as it will get spoiled and will not grill properly.

grilled veggie skewers

  1. Grilled mixed veggies skewers

Grilled veggies are colorful mix of veggies liked by many people, as it offers an infusion of different tastes in one platter to satisfy your taste buds like never before, without compromising on your health.

To prepare grilled veggies you need to prepare a marinade mixture consisting of your choice of ingredients such as salt, pepper, vinegar, yogurt, lemon juice and spice mix etc., and mix the marinade with square cut veggies including tomato, cottage cheese, peppers, mushrooms, potatoes, carrots and all other veggies you like to eat. Let this mixture rest for 1 hour.

Once the veggies and marinade mixture is ready to be grilled, put them all alternately on the skewers and put them on grill to be cooked on each side for 4-8 minutes to make them crispy all over. If you don’t have skewers, you can grill them in a grill basket with grill mat placed in it.

Don’t over grill them as it will reduce all the juice and water in them thus making the veggies dry which won’t taste good.

Tip: As I have not mentioned the quantity of the veggies and other materials in above recipes, you can decide it according to the number of people you would be serving as it would help them get great meals until their belly is filled with tasty grilled veggies.

While grilling veggies, you can diffuse some essential oil in the air near them beside the grill with the help of top diffusers after reading essential oils diffuser reviews as it would make the recipes infused with much more aroma from the oils which makes them tasty, and your cooking environment will also smell good.

If you liked our collection of grilled veggies shared above to cook in top quality grills from Grills arena to get a delicious meals for your dinner and launch without compromising on your health factor then don’t forget to share them with your buddies and family members too as it would help them prepare these scrumptious grilled veggie meals for happy life.

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