Farmanac: Empowering Better Decisions when Shopping for Produce

Farmanac iPhone appKnowledge is power.

The more we know, the better decisions we can make.

When it comes to the food we buy and prepare, how do you know which produce is the best choice for you and your family?

There is no shortage of checklists and guides available to help steer you in the direction of the healthiest options, but the problem is that we don’t always have that information at hand when we’re at the store.

Enter Farmanac, an iPhone app that ought to be every foodie’s best friend.

“We’re living in an era where we don’t know where our food comes from, let alone how it is grown. Our hope is that by using Farmanac, every time you leave the market you’ll end up with produce that’s fresh, in season, and healthy for you and your family.” – Abraham Wallin, creator of Farmanac

Farmanac lets you search for produce by PLU number or name, and then it tells you exactly what you need to know about that item, including:

  • when items are in season locally
  • what its pesticide level is (indicating whether to splurge and buy organic, or if you’re just as safe opting for conventional)
  • if a fruit or vegetable has been genetically modified (genetically engineered)
  • how to know when an item is ripe
  • how to store your produce at home
  • other background and history on over 1,400+ produce items

Check out this screencast for a visual guide to the app:

If food and health are important to you, then make sure you’ve got a guide like Farmanac to help you out. At only $1.99, I think it’s a great investment in your food education. Follow along at Farmanac’s Facebook page or Twitter stream.

Derek Markham

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