Eating Clean and Easy

kaleDo you want to incorporate more fresh, local, and unprocessed foods into your family’s diet? If you want to save money while eating quality organic food, you will need to take its preparation into your own hands. Of course, preparation of whole foods takes some time and effort, but as any busy parent of young children can tell you, there is not much time to stand at the stove while active kids want to play.

Take homegrown kale as just one example of a nutritious food that needs prepping before you can eat it. After harvesting from your garden or coming home from the farmers market, the leaves need to be thoroughly rinsed. Then the leafy greens need to be cut off the stalks and chopped into smaller pieces. Before they are ready to eat the greens need time to soften either in a dressing or by steaming or sautéing.

Baby kale could be a time saving solution as its immature state means it can be eaten whole, but it’s often more expensive and hard to find as a local vegetable, mostly showing up in plastic bags or boxes in the supermarket.

It’s time to take real food real simple

What can you do to offer clean and nutrient loaded meals that will not take forever to make and that everyone will enjoy? When you have a busy family competing for your time, it’s time to make the food that you prepare very simple. You do not need to make multiple courses for a dinner to be balanced and nutritious. You can make a one dish meal that is simple and satisfies without breaking the bank and your available time.

Simple Enrichment

Enriching simple foods with nutrient packed ingredients is a way to up the nutritional content. For example, using an organic bone broth like Au Bone Broth to cook quinoa adds a wonderful savory flavor to your grain while adding tons of vitamins and minerals. Bone broth also contains the amino acids of collagen and glycine which help your body repair itself. Visit this site for information on organic bone broth.

A Straightforward Supper

Here is an example of a straightforward meal that you can prepare for your family. Quinoa With Sautéed Kale is a savory filling one dish meal that can be adapted by substituting healthful bone broth for the water. If you wish to add an additional protein, add Tofu or pre-cooked chicken into the kale mixture a few minutes before it is done. You do have to take time to prep the kale, but with a simple one dish recipe, the kale is the only thing that will take a chunk of time to prep.

Packing a Punch

This simple meal packs a huge nutrient punch. Kale is a brassica that is noted as a large source of vitamins A and C, and also contains vitamins B, K, and many minerals. Quinoa is high in protein and contains the amino acid lysine. It is also a good source of folate, fiber, and minerals. Adding bone broth to the recipe takes its nutritional value even higher.

Use Everything

Remember that the kale stalks that are left over after harvesting the greens make a great soup vegetable. Chop the stalks into half inch pieces and simmer in a pot of left over bone broth. Add other vegetables that are lingering in your refrigerator for a tasty vegetable soup.

If you have a little time to yourself you can even get this soup started while you are making the quinoa dish. Set the soup to a low simmer when the kale and quinoa dish is done. After eating the meal, turn the heat off of the soup and store when it has cooled. Now you have another meal ready without standing in front of the stove again.


Using the principles of the sautéed kale and quinoa recipe, you can achieve flexibility in your approach to one dish meals. Brown rice can be swapped for the quinoa and broccoli can be used instead of kale. Want to add extra protein? Tempeh can be used in place of tofu. Think of the nutritional aspects of each ingredient to build truly nourishing meals.

Eating clean and nutritious takes planning but can be easy if you streamline your approach. Do not try to do too much at one time. Using simple ingredients as building blocks for total nutrition will build your family’s healthy eating options.

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