Easy Hacks to Save Money on Food Orders

8 Health Benefits of Eating Organic FoodCalling in all the foodies out there. Regardless of whether you are craving for a quick bite on your lunch break or for food that isn’t cooked at home, we have some easy hacks for you that will keep your wallet and belly happy. Skip the heat, stay indoors, and order online to save up to 50% on your bill. To start off, you can employ the Doordash promo code 2020 to get 25% OFF on your next two orders. They are also offering free deliveries on all McDonald’s orders. If that sounds like something you’d want, then you might just want to keep on reading. We are listing some of the best ways you can save on online deals and grab the best of dishes.

Food for thought on how to save on every online order in 2020:

Keep your stomach ready as we have on our radar some of the hottest dishes in 2020 which are not only picture perfect but appetizing as well and continue to be everyone’s favorite in the coming years. Having the convenience of a restaurant in your pocket is what makes people turn to this option, when ordering online.

  • First Order Discount

Haven’t tried ordering from a delivery app yet? Well now is the right time, as food delivery platforms are rendering incredible savings to all its newbies. Yearning for some Mexican Cuisine? New users when placing an order through Doordash can enjoy savings of up to 20% on your total order when you order from Mexican Cocina Restaurant with an array of menu items like Burritos, Nachos, Quesadilla and more.

  • Use Wallets To Save More

If you are interested in saving some extra bucks on your online order, try paying through e-wallets like PayPal, Google Pay, etc. You can also find exclusive discount coupons for restaurants such as PizzaHut, KFC, Marco’s etc on these wallet apps. Use one to grab the deal from Marco’s offering a large pizza with a one topping for just $10.99. Flavor up your pizza with the delicious sauce drizzled on top of your pizza. Order the yummiest pizza and get it delivered at your door, and avail yourself of the pocket friendly deal.

This is one of the best ways to save on online orders as you not only get discounts, but also get cash back on your orders.

  • Use Smartphones To Place Your Order

Another great way to save big is through mobile apps. You can get some unbelievable discounts when you turn on notifications from food websites. If you happen to crave for piping hot pizza, then head over to Papa Johns, as the retailer is currently offering a spread of special offers on one large pizza with 3 toppings of your choice for $17.99. Topped with cheesy goodness and garnished with anchovies, mushrooms, vegetables, and condiments are bound to be a sure hit with the whole family. Drooling already? Then pick up your phone and place your order and enjoy your meal and save on anything edible.

  • Sign up for Food Mall

Now ordering your favorite pizza just got easier, as many restaurants and food websites bring you great deals and coupons through emails directly in your inbox. Food restaurants like Papa John’s, KFC, and Dominos bring some of the hottest and juiciest deals without burning a hole in your pocket. For a quick bite, Dominos is giving out a savory 8-piece boneless chicken for $5.99 and regular priced pizza at half the price.

  • Lookout For Online Coupons

Coupons can help you save money while ordering food, and websites like Doordash can get your food delivered at your doorstep from your favorite restaurants with offers like $5-$10, with many other offers and promotions including birthday special treats and reward programs. Another way to save is through Doordash gift cards, which are a delightful gift for family, friends, and co-workers delivered by email or printed at home, with your favorite restaurants at your fingertips. Checkout the Doordash promo code 2020 for Chipotle to get a discount on their food orders as the restaurant is offering Chipotle Burrito Bowls for under $10. The appetizing McDonald’s coupon deal on burgers, sandwiches, and desserts is a great attraction where you save an extra $5 on placing an order via the Doordash app.

  • Get That Subscription

If you are one who likes to order out more frequently, a subscription plan can be the perfect option for you to save. Assuming that a delivery fee is a flat rate of $5.99, the subscription would probably save you money after just two orders.

  • Buy More To Save More

As large takeaway schemes reward larger orders, one can save costs if you order your food in bulk. Your food lasts longer and nobody minds eating the leftovers for lunch and dinner the next day, as it is just a matter of reheating it. Restaurants like Marco’s, PizzaHut, and McDonalds give a lot of benefits like this on bulk orders that suit your purpose as well. Throw in a side order of rice which is easier to reheat the next day or the extra main dish that will keep well in the fridge.

  • Choose Pick-up Over Delivery 

It is also a great idea to burn out those extra calories by walking down to pick up your takeaway in person if the restaurant is located just a short stroll away. This could help you bag some savings as well, as some takeaways run special offers for people who order directly rather than get it delivered to lower the cost. If you opt for a pick-up option on your KFC orders you would be liable to receive a full free Kids meal along with your order.

  • Make The Most Of Those Cashback Apps

Who doesn’t like cashback offers when your goal is to save those extra bucks buying your groceries or eating out? Consider using some cash back apps when you order online using your card and get cashback automatically where you will get cashback up to five percent on your card. Some food delivery services like Doordash, Grubhub, UberEats offer cash rewards bonus.

  • Put Your Bank Cards To Great Use

For an extravagant foodie, there are some restaurants which are solely on food delivery platforms, and give credit card promotions every month that lets you enjoy your niche restaurants, ambient dinners even on weekends.

All that searching must have definitely left you famished, so whether you are someone with a refined taste for food or simply want to relish life through your taste buds, always stay tuned for offers and satisfy your cravings anytime, and experience the world of food with your favorite restaurants at your fingertips by placing orders through a website or app.

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