How To Instill Good Eating And Fitness Habits In Your Kids

Your biggest role as a father is to make sure your kids have a healthy and happy childhood. A child who is used to an active and healthy lifestyle is more likely to lead a healthy, balanced life as an adult.

As the frightening statistics of childhood obesity show, children are exposed to diseases which once afflicted adults only. Proper nutrition and the right fitness habits are the key to avoiding these conditions.

But how do you go about instilling these healthy eating and fitness habits in your kids? What should you do, as a father, to make sure your kids lead a healthy life?

Here are some tips that may help:

1. Buy Food With Caution

What you don’t have in your kitchen your kids won’t eat. Sure, they can buy food for themselves at school or elsewhere, but most of the food they eat comes from what you buy at the store. If you buy high calorie, sugar rich, and processed food items, this is what they’ll have.

You need to take responsibility for what you buy and you must shop with caution. Learn to read food labels, educate yourself on how to create balanced and healthy meals for children, and be willing to make sacrifices as you may have to give up on some of your own favorite foods just so your kids won’t have easy access to them.

2. Encourage Your Children To Be Active, But Let Them Make Their Own Choices

With multiple TV channels and the internet, it’s hard to get kids to get off their rear-end and engage in a more active hobby. Long gone are the days in which kids would go out into the street in the afternoon to play with their friends. Nowadays, they chat with their friends on Facebook.

You need to encourage your children to be active. Help them experience different sports and other activities such as dancing and various crafts. You need to allow your children the freedom of choice. Just because you have dreams that your son will become the next Payton Manning, it doesn’t mean that you need to force him to play football. You want your child to have something that he or she loves to do. When this happens, you know they’ll be active.

3. Set An Example

You don’t just set the rules and tone in your home. You also set the example by which your kids will lead their life. Just as you try to be kind and honest and polite to teach them how to behave, you must also maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is the most important health lesson that they will ever have.

So, eat healthy food and make exercise and fitness a regular part of your life. Show your kids that this is important and they will get the hint.

4. Do Active Stuff Together

You can decide what you and your child will do together. Especially when they’re young, they’re ready to follow your lead on most things. So, you can decide whether you two will watch TV together or play soccer, whether you go to an arcade or out to the park to play catch. The more action rich stuff you do together, the better.

I hope that these tips will help you and your children to lead a healthier and more active life.

[About the author: Jonathan Dunsky is a health and fitness blogger at where he provides diet tips, fat burning workouts, and nutrition advice for men and women.]
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One thought on “How To Instill Good Eating And Fitness Habits In Your Kids

  • Good suggestions. I would also add: talk together with children, dream together with children – about how beautiful they will become, how strong and fit bodies they will have in the future, who they will look like. This image of future “them” will make a big difference because it provide mental programming in the level of cells.


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