Home Exercises that Torch Calories

Just because you do not have time or money to get to the gym does not mean that you cannot burn serious calories and get in shape. Home workouts allow you to work out on your own time and in your own space. If you are trying to find the best workout for burning calories and losing weight, you will find some great options right here.

HIIT Workouts

Research has shown that HIIT, also known as high intensity interval training, is amazing for the health. With interval training, you work hard for a short amount of time before working out at a lower intensity for a time. HIIT workouts help you burn loads of calories during the exercise and ensure that you keep burning calories for hours following your workout. Studies have shown that HIIT is particularly useful for decreasing fat.

Barre Exercises

If you would rather get your ballet on, barre may be for you. Barre is not a simple exercise but rather a way to burn major calories while also increasing strength. A true barre workout will work nearly every part of your body. You will work your arms, shoulders, core, thighs, buttocks and hamstrings. Some bonuses are that it improves posture while increasing flexibility and balance.


Home calisthenics do not require much if any equipment, keeping them easy for even the smallest home spaces. However, when done with moderate to vigorous intensity, they can burn plenty of calories and build significant amounts of muscle. A squat exercise is a popular option. Other commonly seen home calisthenic activities include pushups, tricep dips, running in place, and mountain climbers.

If you have struggled to find a gym that you like that has hours that fit into your life, you may find the exercise style that you need in your own home. Many workouts require few if any pieces of equipment and typically make use mainly of body weight. Try one of these options to find a style that works for you.

Photo by Samuel Owoyemi on Unsplash

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