Fun indoor exercises for kids

Fun Indoor Exercises for KidsHow many times have you been asked by your kids to watch a movie, play a video game or something similar? Some kids are inclined toward sports, while others are inclined toward reading and sometimes both. In this article we want to give you some options on what you can propose to your kid so they can remain active even when they are inside during the winter months or the heat of summer.

Instead of becoming couch potatoes they can certainly move around a bit and burn all that pent-up energy. Here are some ideas on what you can do:

  • Do some headstands alongside your kids if you can. This will work well for the core muscles of their body as well as pumping blood to the brain.
  • Pushups can be more interesting if there is an incentive or a competitive element. If you are good at them you can pretend you’re not that good to give your kids a boost of confidence.
  • Jump ropes are an excellent way of keeping fit and burning calories. There is a reason why most kids are spry and quick on their feet. If you live in a place where the neighbors might object you should go outside.
  • You can dare your kids to do their best to move you from your spot. Do your best to keep your footing and let them try to budge the immovable mountain. You will likely stand your ground, just remember to fall at some point to give them the satisfaction of victory.
  • Organize a duck walk race where you’ll have to get from one point of the house to the other if the space allows it. Its great exercise and you will also feel very challenged while doing it.
  • Wrestle with your kids on a softer surface such as a mat. Let them do their best to win and remember you’re there to have fun, so be careful.
  • Make an obstacle course they will have to navigate to get through to the other side. You can either do that with furniture or with something else outside according to the season. If its snowing you can make an obstacle course made of snow, right? Just remember to keep things safe.
  • Get a bubble maker and blow out some bubbles. Have your kids do their best to pop them all before they reach the ground. This will train their reflexes, speed and coordination.
  • Play “Follow the Leader” by doing some quick movements. Jump, stomp, squat, run, roll and so on if you have the energy for it and let your kid do it too. You will likely run out of gas before they do, but its still good exercise for both you and your kids.
  • Stage a pillow fight – it’s good fun and it allows you to burn up a lot of energy.  Be warned though, you are bound to experience a severe case of the giggles while doing it.
  • Get a dance party going – don’t worry about looking silly. In fact the sillier the better as nothing is more fun than finding a reason to laugh.
  • Speaking of dancing, you can organize a freeze dance party. When the music stops they have to stop until it starts again. Great for patience, balance and coordination.
  • Organize a scavenger hunt with clues, rewards and everything else you might come up with.
  • Do some jumping jacks just for kicks. They will tire your kids out and if you do it with them you will help yourself stay fit too.
  • Play hopscotch by making one inside with tape or outside with chalk. You can enjoy the challenge as well as remembering what it was to be a kid.
  • Run around trying to catch your kids so you can tickle them until they can’t take anymore. Its simple and lots of fun. Make sure they get to chase you too right?
  • Have a nice little tantrum by screaming, rolling, flailing and stomping with your kids. Roar like a lion, cluck like a chicken. Its silly, immature and loads of fun. You should try it!

[About the author: Jane Dawson is a 28 years old passionate blogger and freelancer. Years ago, Jane was not interested in fitness or working out. She got intrigued when she met her husband Dave – fitness instructor. Jane wants to help other people accomplish their fitness goals, while making it fun and enjoyable. Jane writes on different thematics: fitness, family, home and moving and self storage.]

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