Best ways to prepare for a workout

You may think your workouts start when you step on to the treadmill but, ideally, they start long before that. Preparing for a workout is key to sticking to your exercise plan and will help you to avoid finding excuses for not exercising. Here are four ways you can make your workouts more motivating, successful and enjoyable.

Make a plan

While it’s tempting to just show up and hope inspiration will hit, chances are you’ll get a better workout if you plan ahead. Each time you begin a workout, think about the type of workout you’re doing and what your goal for the workout is, whether it’s building strength, endurance or flexibility. Finally, choose how long you’ll exercise for and the stages of your workout – for example, will you be spending 30 minutes on cardio and 30 minutes on leg exercise?

Fuel your body

A primary aspect of preparing your body is ensuring that it’s ready for what’s to come, and that involved making sure you’re fuelled and hydrated. An hour or so before you hit the gym, have a light and healthy snack, such as some fruit, and drink plenty of water to keep your energy levels up.

Add in a supplement

Pre-workout supplements can provide a boost of increased energy and focus, and help you power through your workout that little bit longer. Choose a high-quality product, such as Muscle Rage’s pre-workout, to reduce muscle fatigue, help you recover faster and keep you hydrated.

Arrange your workout clothes

It’s easier to head out for your workout if you’ve gathered everything beforehand, so make sure you’ve got your gym bag packed with a water bottle, your workout clothes and headphones. Having everything packed and ready to go makes motivating yourself to exercise that bit easier.

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