3 Ways You Can Lose Your Pandemic Pounds

2020 has been a year for the history books. It’s given the world an unforeseen pandemic that totally affected and contributed to a new normal in society moving forward. With so many people stuck at home from lockdowns and jobs moved online, many people experienced double-digit weight gain. While some people were super diligent and used the extra time home and less errand running to turn a new leaf of health, many people were baking, snacking and binge eating to cope with the stressors of the unknown. People are now searching for how to buy low dose naltrexone online, so they can kickstart a weight loss plan. However, weight loss diets, supplements and pills are really pointless if you don’t add exercising in to your lifestyle. Here are three exercises to help you shed your added pounds from the pandemic.

1. Rowing

What’s great about machines is you don’t have to go get in a kayak to experience the benefits of rowing. Rowing machines are in a lot of gyms and are an affordable at-home piece of machinery you could add to your home gym. It’s a great full-body workout that’s low intensity and caters to lots of physical abilities. It especially helps the visually impaired who may struggle taking part in other workouts.

2. Running

This type of exercise has grown in popularity with so many charity runs and organization-sponsored events. Whether you want to do a 5k or marathon, there’s opportunities for almost every running level to get involved in. Running strengthens your heart, lungs and legs while burning lots of calories. If you want to get optimal results with this type of exercise, add sprinting in to distance running. The extra bursts of energy contribute to burning more fat.

3. Weight Lifting

In addition to doing cardio, a full workout should also include strength training. The workouts keep your metabolism engaged and allow for greater advances post run or cardio-based exercise. You’ll end up getting more benefits hours after you stop working out because your muscles are still engaged. There are different types of strength training that can mold your body in different ways from a more lean look to greater muscle definition. You just have to find what type of weight lifting appeals to you.

Humans always find a way to rise to the occasion, even in an unprecedented time. However, if COVID-19 threw off your normal routine, and you’ve put on some extra pounds, don’t worry! You can get your body back to a well-oiled machine in no time with healthy eating, exercising, trying a new supplement and living a well-balanced lifestyle.

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