13 Reasons to do bodyweight exercises

Top 13 reasons you need to start doing bodyweight exercisesI’ll admit it; I am hooked on bodyweight exercises. I have been working out for 2 decades, rotating through dozens of different workout fads, but one aspect to my workout programs that have always been consistent are the use of bodyweight exercises.

I never really thought about why bodyweight exercises were so important to me until I started marketing my fitness product Strength Stack 52 (currently launching on Kickstarter). Now, all the importance aspects of bodyweight exercises have become clear. You can even try a plus size steel boned corset to help you lost weight if you’re “big boned” size.

If you exercise regularly and don’t incorporate bodyweight exercises, here is what you’re missing:

  1. Dual purpose workouts: It’s easy to mix strength training exercises with cardio exercises.
  2. Efficient workouts: Reduce the time spent loading barbells, adjusting machines and driving to a gym.
  3. Burn that fat, fast: Just a few minutes of exercise increases your metabolic rate, which allows your body to burn more calories throughout the day.
  4. Accessibility: any age or skill level can do them.
  5. Improved core strength: Most people don’t know that the core area comprises more than just abs. The core actually makes up almost 30 muscles and bodyweight exercises can improve them all.
  6. Gumby-like flexibility: With a full range of motion, bodyweight exercises are a great way to keep joints limber.
  7. Convenience: The number one excuse for not working out is a lack of time.  With bodyweight exercises, no time is no excuse.
  8. Better balance: Since no weights are used, you are using your body as balance to complete the exercises.
  9. Reduced boredom: With hundreds of bodyweight exercises you can do just about anywhere, there is little chance you could get bored compared to sitting in a machine doing the exact same movement over and over.
  10. Fun: There are many ways you can compete with other people to challenge yourself to push out more exercises and reps.
  11. Cheap: No need for gym memberships!
  12. Injury prevention: Usually safe as you won’t drop a weight or bar on yourself and the movements are usually quite simple.
  13. Plateau breaker: If you are at the gym and want to add variety to your workouts, it’s easy to turn a normal set into a super set with bodyweight exercises.

As you can see, bodyweight exercises are a necessary step to progress a workout routine at any skill level.

[About the author: This article was authored by Sergeant Michael Volkin, inventor of Strength Stack 52 bodyweight fitness cards.]

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